Contest To Meet Celine In Las Vegas

2011/01/24 4:00AM Canada (English)
Do you want to meet Celine when she returns to Las Vegas? Here is your chance to realize your dream. The Quebecor Media Regional Newspapers have organized a great contest, open to residents of Quebec over the age of 21, to attend Celine’s premiere at Caesars Palace on March 15, 2011. Do not waste another second; try your luck!

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This would be a dream come true for me. I was only in Vegas one other time for my daughters wedding and couldn't get tickets at that time.
My 20th wedding anniversary is coming up and this would be a great way to celebrate listening to Celine sing! The greatest time ever!!

My Mother is you absolute greatest FAN.
Since I can remember my mom has sung your songs to us, quoted them in situation where she has felt they would be appropriate means of advice and support.
Bith mine and my elder sisters had a song of yours play at our 21st in the background to our slideshows, dedicated to us by our mother as her personal message to us.
She has even decided which of your songs will play at each of our weddings.

If I could give my mother anything in the world it would be to meet you.
Its the best way I can think of, to give back to her all she has done for me and my family.
I love her with all my heart and soul.

Hi Celine
My name is Meredith Olson I am twenty four years old. I have been your biggest fan my dream someday to see you in person and talk to you
From meredith

dont get mad 2 all celinians.they did this contest 2 all quebec resident because this is the place were celine came from,.im sure they're gonna do another contest which all us can a bit sad also but its fine..there will be next time..

I'm a fan of this beautiful woman ►Celine Dion◄
follow me to know me better @justcallmechrys

how sad is this:(only for quebec residents how about in the other country??
its alright to me goodluck to all contestants hope you win..
love yah celine goodluck to your concert more celinian will watch you and for sure
they love to see you performing again in spectacular place in las vegas in
ceasars palace.i hope to see her here in philppines performing..
i wish to god to see her also in person..(wish only malay mo magkatotoo di ba)

we love celine from all your fans here in philippines(including me harharhar)

I'm a fan of this beautiful woman ►Celine Dion◄
follow me to know me better @justcallmechrys

Dirk, from Belgium-take me with you, I am from Germany ^^
and, dear nahidcd - don't give up, I am a fan since 13 years and I never had the chance to meet her, or to see her in a concert, and Vegas is to far away from me Sad but one day, I hope our dream will come true - Céline we love you!

Live your Life the Celine-Dion-Way Love

We are from Belgim and fly especialy from Europe to see Celine on the 6th of april 2011 at the Colosseum in Las Vegas. To bad that the contest is only for residents of Quebec............
It would be our greatest dream come true if we could meet her, even for a minute.
Perhaps an exception is possibly???????

Sometimes dreams become reality!

Warm regards,

Dirk and Katharina Claeys - VAN ASSCHE from Belgium.

I want to meet my dear Celine, I think I have the least chance among all fans, Sad(

Celine, You are my angel from above

only Quebec.....Is this right??? Oh noooooo, I am from Germany, a fan since 13 years and I won't have a chance to win Sad NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Contests like this should be for all the fans around the world, for everyone!!!!!!!!!

Live your Life the Celine-Dion-Way Love

Wow, it must be great to have the opportunity to meet a woman with a heart as beautiful as yours. It saddens me not be able to participate in this contest, but i still have the hope of meeting you someday, well, my fiance and I, we both love you. After all, everything is possible right?

From Venezuela, I ask God to give you strength, health and encouragement to keep singing for all your fans, but above all, that he gives you every day, the greatest reward you can have, the unconditional love of your husband and children.


I am making the trip to Las Vegas just to see Celine's concert, and if that is all I do that would be fine with me, but I would die... It would be a long awaited dream come true if I ever met her! ♥

The greatest reward is the sound of your voice,
The Greatest Voice Ever! ♥

Pena que eu não moro no Canadá, se não eu participaria desta promoção.

Eder Nascimento

I especially disagree with the fact that they have posted a contest for residents of ONLY Quebec on an international website...AND they way they build up your hope in the first two sentences, only to make them crash and burn! Celine's not about that! She wants us ALL to realize our dreams...and if I know Celine fans, we all dream of meeting her!

Belong to the moment, every moment, of every day.

This is unfair. I'm from the United States, I'm 21 and I'd LOVE to see Celine. I've been lucky enough to see her in concert once, after a long drive and walking through Indianapolis in freezing December temperatures, with a strong wind. I did not get the chance to see her last time in Vegas, and I'm bound and determined to see her this time around. I'm willing to travel over half THIS country in order to see her, and I don't care if that's ALL I do while in Las Vegas. I sure do wish there was an opportunity for ME to meet Celine...along with other people, not only from the US, but other countries as well. Don't exclude us!!!

Belong to the moment, every moment, of every day.

This contest it's unfair to fans from other countries. Please Let's us to enjoy this contest. I sing up but it did not work was a waste of time.

You broke my heart.. ;(;(;(;(

celine deitada.jpg89.18 KB

Aline Queiroz I love Celine Dion

I want to meet you Celine !!!!!! your the besssssstttttt....................

I want to meet Celine, too!

What about the fans from other countries under 21?! Sad