Communication: The Secret Behind Celine and René’s Successful Marriage

2013/07/29 3:00AM Canada (English)

Celine and René have been married for over 18 years. Celine recently revealed that her marriage has had its difficulties. It’s not always easy to be husband and wife as well as being in business together. What’s the secret to their successful marriage? Talking. “Communication — it’s the most important. It’s the secret,” says Celine.

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so what is the correct way to communicate with the husband?
is there a book that you could recommand ?

hope you can answer

and thank you for the great music and great interpretation , greate lyrics ........

This gives me hope! I think age doesn't matter at all, Celine and Rene are an inspirational couple. Every marriage has its difficulties, it's the love that you both have together that keep you as strong as you are. Love is powerful!

Calm down...I'm sure tomorrow they will have something about LMBTL! Yes, there is alot of buzz online right now (like when she covered RITD in Vegas). Celebuzz, JustJared, DigitalSpay, Perezhilton! They need to capitalize on it! Celine is back!!

This is old news from a week-old article. How about some COMMUNICATION regarding Celine's new single that she premiered on Saturday?! It's already making waves on the internet, yet isn't saying a word....

HELLOOOOO??????? New english single has been premiered 2 days ago and you are talking about the secrets of her marriage? Come on, critics are starting to spread about the song in the Internet and you MUST release the song ASAP!!!

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

I think that age differential isn't important for both of you..
hope both of you be a longlasting couple,
have a blast..

What a great couple! Smile

I saw a video about this on youtube and made a comment about it Smile
I said something like: Celine is the only star I know who has been married only once and for 18 years and has never gotten a divorce and I understand that her and Rene have had problems every couple does its the way of life its nature there human beings like us no one is perfect in this world but the most important thing is that they know how to work it out and they love each other and the rest of there family very much. I'm so sick of hearing stories about stars getting married then getting a divorce getting married again have a kid get a divorce have another kid then get married again etc... you know the rest but Celine is not like that she got married with someone she has truly loved since she was like 17 or 18 they got married on December 17th 1994 had there first kid Rene Charles on January 25th 2001 and had there twins Nelson and Eddy on October 23rd 2010 and throughout all those years has remained to me the most loving married couple I know
you both are such amazing human beings Smile