Celine's Concert Dates in Japan Announced!

2014/06/29 11:00AM Canada (English)

Celine Dion, the biggest selling female artist of all time, is returning to Asia for an exclusive series of concerts in October and November of 2014. Celine will be performing in several countries for the very first time and she’ll be returning to Japan, where she toured in 2008 as part of her record-breaking “Taking Chances World Tour”.

Celine’s concerts in Japan are as follows:
November 11 –Nagoya – Nagoya Dome
November 14 – Osaka – Osaka Dome
November 18 & 19 – Tokyo – Tokyo Dome

Accompanied by 15 musicians including a full band and horn section, Celine will perform some of her biggest hits with a stunning visual presentation specially designed for Asia.

“I’m so excited about doing this tour. It’s going to be a lot of fun going back to Japan. We’ve always received so much love and support from the fans over there… I can’t wait to see them” said Celine.

Celine’s shows in Asia, produced by AEG Live are her only scheduled concerts outside of Las Vegas in 2014.

Celine Dion is proud to invite world-renowned singer-impersonator/entertainer, Véronic DiCaire as her special guest to open the shows.

Ticket pre-sale (reservation) will start on July 1, and the general on-sale will start on September 6.

Check http://www.hipjpn.co.jp/live/celine/ for more information.

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We are waiting for you Celine in Poland.
We love you and we miss you.
Not everybody had a chance to see you, including me.

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Wonderful, but when she comes to Brazil?

When & Where can we buy tickets?

Hopefully via celinedion.com, I don't speak Japanese...

Can we buy tickets through Celine Dion.com???

I believe, I believe, I believe in You!

Céline vous êtes les bienvenus pour les concerts à Zabrze en Pologne Smile

Monika en Zabrze Smile

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That's great news , maybe soon she will do a mini tour in Europe

i love and support you forever celine

I think it's a bit sad that you can't buy tickets from Japan if you don't live there. Great that Celine is doing some shows there but it would have been nice to see the show. It's impossible to buy tickets from Japan. Why couldn't this be like the mini tour in Paris and Antwerp? tT was through Event Travel and everybody was happy. Now it's just sad because you might have had the chance to get tickets but now it's impossible. And it would have been a different show compared to Las Vegas.. Sad

I appreciate it very much that Céline does these little tours, especially for the ones who can't afford to go to Las Vegas. Hope she'll come back to Europe soon! Laughing out loud

I couldn't be more excited after seeing the news! Please come to Malaysia and Singapore!

Wow this is amazing!!!!! First Quebec, then Paris/Antwerp and now Asia Laughing out loud I hope she'll do the same for North America soon as well Wink I've seen her Las Vegas Show once and I'm seeing it again this winter and now I would love to see her in an actual concert like this Laughing out loud
When will the list of the songs she'll sing be posted?? I'm just curious to know what songs she will be singing there Smile

Would be nice if there would be some sort of information about the tickets in English..