Celine On The Voice

2013/12/17 5:48PM Canada (English)

Don’t miss Celine and Ne-Yo’s performance of “Incredible” on The Voice on NBC tonight at 9/8pm (ET/CT)!

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Wonderful performance.
She looks so beautiful, I love her hair, dress, everything!
And of course amazing voice, so touching!

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Bravo! Smile <3

Amazing and Incredible duet performances!!! Always beautiful Celine ♥

I Love You Celine,
Neli, Bulgaria ♥

Wow Celine I am speechless seeing and hearing you perform Love can move mountains with Tessanne and Incredible with ne yo just touched me so deeply I couldn't stop smiling!!!! When I saw Tessanne crying when she found out who she was going to sing with my first thought was of course its Celine who shes going to sing with because there was no one else there who would be worth crying over like that its just not possible!! I love your outfits Celine you just looked absolutely beautiful tonight Smile like you always do Smile and let me just say if I were asked to sing with you Celine I would cry and cry and never stop I probably wouldn't be able to do it because the moment I'd look up at you I would start crying again and no words would be able to come out!!! I Just think you were incredible tonight and I really truly believe you were the best one out there tonight it really showed how much fun you were having and how much you love singing Smile I am just so thankful to have become a HUGE FAN of yours Celine!!!!! Everything you are and everything that you do is just INCREDIBLE no one could ever be a better inspiration than you Smile and I thought it was amazing and very touching to see you and Tessanne sing together Smile Tessanne was the one who I wanted to win and she did!! Smile
I hope you had a WONDERFUL DAY today on your 19th anniversary!! Laughing out loud 19 INCREDIBLE years!!!!! Laughing out loud I love you so much Celine and thank you for everything
Your youngest #1 fan ever Leah Milligan from Ohio Smile

OMG OMG Celine & NeYo tonight!!! I've been playing Celine's CD everyday since Nov 5th and to see her tonight performing it live with him was truly Incredible...and when Tessanne was freaking out when she found out who she was going to perform with... right then I just knew it was going to be Celine!!!!! I've seen Celine in person sing "Love can move mountains 8 times so far...seeing Celine on the Voice tonight made my day...Celine you looked fantastic tonight...I love you

The show will aired live in less than 30 minutes!!!


I'm impatiently waiting for this moment!!!!! only watching it for Celine!!!!! Smile can't wait to hear her and neyo sing their incredible song incredible Laughing out loud so exited Laughing out loud!!!!!!! I already have it turned to NBC Wink lol