Celine, Top Five Best Selling Album Artist

2014/04/20 3:00AM Canada (English)

Did you know that Celine is one of the top five best-selling album artists of the SoundScan era with 52.21 million albums sold in the US so far? The Nielsen SoundScan system began compiling sales data in 1991 on a weekly basis, providing more accurate sales figures that form the basis for the Billboard music charts.

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Congratulations for that, Céline! Laughing out loud

@Leah: Yes, you have to pay a minimum of $5 per vote (you can also pay more if you wish to...). When you place your vote, you will be asked to create an account and enter your credit card data.

Congratulations, Céline. You deserve it. You're the best.

For the sainte-Justine choir contest, does anyone know if I have to pay the $5 for every vote I make or will it automatically do it for me???
I would just like to know before I vote Smile
And congrats Celine for making the top 5 and still being on it Laughing out loud!!!!! You are the best by far!!!!! Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine!!!!! Laughing out loud

This is just in US and Canada, Justin.

Celine, are you going to occur in Poland during this tour?

It's very important for me to see you live, because you're my only living idol .. (Whitney and Michael unfortunately died and I could not see them) Sad..

I would like to have the pleasure of meeting you. ♥

I love you, Celine.

Natalia. Smile

I want to see Celine live in Poland again Smile
I love "Loved Me Back To Life" Smile xx

I thought that Celine sold over 200,000,000 albums. Am I right?