Celine On The Today Show and The View

2013/10/24 3:00AM Canada (English)

On Monday Celine will be on the set of The Today Show, on American network NBC. She’ll be performing songs from her new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, available for pre-order at the Boutique. On Wednesday, watch Celine on The View on ABC! Check your local listings for details.

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Yas!!!! Can't wait for the massive promos!

Celine has made a killer of an album that I have no doubt will sell millions of its just so good !!but it not just the way she sings that I love but the way she always is she make me feel happy even when I feel down her voice is to die for she funny and smart hay I don't have to tell you guys you work for her! xxxx teamcline xxxx

jane Ibbitson
Perth. Western Australia

you are so beautiful siempre sere tu admirador toda mi vida eres la mugger mas linda que e conocido I te admire demaciado preciosa

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Celine will be on The View on Wednesday Smile


Here it says Celine will be on the View Wednesday but when I shared it on Facebook it says she will be on the View on Tuesday!!! so which day it correct???

I don't enjoy that new version of "Unfinished songs" at all.
Can't believe Celine spoiled it. "Unfinished songs" has become very important and personal to me... in its original version, of course. By the way there are many other songs on Celine's new album I'm already addcited to.

I have already listened to the complete album (I found it on a website but I can't tell you where). It's an amazing album, It's great!!!!!!!!!
The song "Unfinished Songs" is different from the movie version. The movie version is much better.

I hope I'll be able to watch it I really really want to to see both of them and see her perform more of her new songs!!!!! Smile

Can't wait for the performance!!! Smile

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