Celine On The Today Show

2013/09/12 3:00AM Canada (English)

Celine was a guest on American TV’s The Today Show earlier this week. She talked about her upcoming new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, which is very different from what she’s done in the past, her career and family.

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Celine doesn't need techniques, she was born perfect like that

I wish I would have known ahead of time about the interview that was the 2nd interview I've missed so far Sad I watched Celine on Ellen yesterday and the both of them were so funny! And Sam's dance was adorable! I wish I could have given Celine a hug too! And as always I loved Celine's performance! When is Celine on Larry king and what channel because I have searched through all my channels and couldn't find it Sad does anyone know?????

I love you Céline! <3

Loved the interview! Smile

Telling us after the fact is not helpful!!! Tell us before she is making an appearance so we can actually watch it!

Can't wait for the new album!!!!
Love you Celine<3