Celine Talks Music With Katie Couric

2013/04/24 11:00AM Canada (English)

American TV host Katie Couric recently visited Celine in a recording studio in Las Vegas to talk about her husband, family, and new music! Don't miss daytime show ‘Katie’ on Thursday, April 25 to catch the exclusive interview! Check your local listings for details. In the meantime, here’s a clip of Celine sharing how she feels about releasing new music. Are you getting excited?

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This was a great interview! Celine and Katie had a great chemistry. Celine was so touching and funny all at the same time! I loved the eyeglass part. "That's a new job that I gave myself lately" LOL! What a touching moment between her and Rene! LOVED the entire interview! So relaxed!

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

I can't wait!!! <33 LOVE YOU Sexy

I love when Celine & Rene do talk shows together they are the perfect water & flame...I can't wait to get Celine's new CD and seeing her again in August...I'm always excited about seeing or hearing Celine!!!!! I don't watch Katies show but when I heared Celine was going to be on, I marked my calendar


Absolutely loved this interview. Celine you are a GODDESS! ♥

The greatest reward is the sound of your voice,
The Greatest Voice Ever! ♥

I must say, the interview was amazing. Katie was an amazing host and loved the questions she asked. Usually, tv presenters keep asking the same sappy questions. This was great!

Celine was charming and funny as always, funny and looked gorgeous. Missed her! Excited for the new album!
A x


"Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith." (Muslim)

Omg did anyone else watch this today it was amazing!!!!!!! She's halarious she's very inspirating when she talks about her life and family and it kinda looked like she was crying at one point am I right!!!!' Omg I just love this person so much her emotion her humer her voice the person she is her songs her life everything about her inspires me so much it just makes me want to cry thinking about it!!! I don't think I could a go a single day with out listening to her music and mentioning her name at least a million times lol!!!!!
Je t'Aime Pour toujour Celine
I love you for always Celine!!!!!Smile

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

Not that I'm excited about this or anything but I literally just had tears in my eyes watching this.Smile

-Kel Loves Celine Wink

I can't wait to hear the new songs in English.

You're beautiful Celine, i love you <3

I can't wait but the sad news is I might miss it tomorrow depending on how long or when she's doing the interview because of my softball game so for once I hope my game is delayed or cancelled lol but I watched the preview and she looks so beautiful and I'm dying to see this interview! I haven't gotten to see her very much on tv because things have gotten in the way so hopefully tomorrow I get to:)!!!!!
Je t'Aime pour toujour Celine!!!!!
I love you for always Celine!!!!!Smile

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

I'm soooooo excited! Can't wait until tomorrow! Wink

I wrote this song and I wish Celine could sing it.
It's not finished yet.
please songwriters - help me to finish it.

Listen to the demo on link below: It's my voice and I'm not a singer (lol)


If my love had a voice
It would say
That you’ve came in the right time and
When you’ve reached all the beats
Of my heart
My heart was just talking to you
But I wonder If you’ve listened
All the words of my love
When I know sometimes it speaks to you out loud

‘Cause you’re the one I love (yeah)
Listen- and I don’t wanna lose you
Listen – I’m just trying to make you listen
All the the love I have inside

Getting excited! Have my TiVo set and ready to go so I don't miss anything!