Celine Supports World Prematurity Day

2013/11/16 4:00AM Canada (English)
Did you know November 17th is World Prematurity Day? Join Celine to raise awareness and help the 15 million babies born too soon every year around the world. Visit March of Dimes to get involved!

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Thank you, Celine.

I love you Celine Smile the person you are your voice your inspirational songs everything about you is perfect! Let me just say how amazing I think it is that u are supporting so many things like this! Most stars would spend all there money on drugs or things they want that they don't need but you you donate your money to foundations you buy things for your family and you buy 3000 pairs of shoes a and a wardrobe full of fashion lol Wink
Love you so much Celine! there is no one like you literally because I don't think anyone else has 3000 shoes Wink lol