Celine On Strictly Come Dancing

2013/11/11 4:00AM Canada (English)

Celine will perform “Breakaway”, from her new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, on the set of British television show Strictly Come Dancing. The episode will air early December on BBC One.

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Can't wait to see her singing on "Strictly Come Dancing" Smile

New album just debuted at no 2 in the uk midweek chart!!!! Single loved me back to life is 12!!!!! Woohoo go celine!

i am looking forward for this song and to be the next single (hopefully)...i hope she'll sing it live!!!! it would be great!

<3 can't wait shes been on X Factor now Strictly me so happy now!! xx love this song too!! love you celine #teamceline

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Dedicated fan since 2009

I can't wait. I love this song!
I hope see it on You Tube.

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

OMG breakaway is my favorite I was hoping that she would sing this song live one day Laughing out loud
Please post it on YouTube once she performs it Laughing out loud!!!!!!!!!