Celine Special On Chabada Beats Records

2012/12/09 4:00AM Canada (English)

Recently, French television show ‘Chabada’, broadcast on the France 3 channel, dedicated one of its episodes to Celine. That episode was a great success with 1,502,000 viewers tuning in to watch! That’s a record for ‘Chabada’ and it’s all thanks to you, Celine fans!

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Celine est une adorable femme ainsi qu'une maman !!

Os especiais de Celine são sempre um sucesso Smile

Celine's special are always success Smile

It was a great special Smile
Love you Celine<3

wow.that's amazing....I watched chabada too and that was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee
love u celineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

That would be great if you put this video here Smile

Celine é tudo de melhor para meu lar , minha vida. suas músicas são pra mim um momento de reflexão, de me fazer uma pessoa feliz obrigado Celine.