Celine Sings A ‘Song for Marion’

2012/09/12 3:00AM Canada (English)

We’ve already established how important the world of cinema has been to Celine. The collaboration continues as Celine has recorded the theme song titled “Unfinished Songs”, written by Diane Warren, for the British movie Song for Marion. The film will make its debut during the closing weekend of the Toronto International Film Festival this Saturday. The song will be included on Celine’s upcoming English-language album, to be released in a couple of months.

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I love Diane Warren!!! I am sure Celine will do her best with the song! I can't wait to listen to it!

...moi je sais pas jouer...
On me dit qu'aujourd'hui, on me dit que les autres font ainsi...
Je ne suis pas les autres...

Amazing Idea, to sing " A song for Marion ", I can't wait !!!!

I love Céline Dion so very much ♥

And if I'm not her biggest Fan, I'm one of her biggest Fans ♥

I like so much Diane's song, Celine singing Diane will be
more than perfect.
I'm so anxious to hear this song Laughing out loud

Céline has a voice blessed! Everything she does turns successfully!

L.V. my Diva

I found a beautiful video of Celine "My dream is to be an international star," says our Diva.(1983)
You've become much more than that for his fans !!


I am so excited to hear "Unfinished Songs". This will be amazing and so thrilled Celine has done another theme song! I can hardly stand the wait for the new album!!! What a great fall ahead with 2 new albums!


Eu mal posso esperar para ouvir essa canção e ver o filme, as canções de Diane são sempre incríveis.

I can not wait to hear that song and see the movie, Diane's songs are always awesome.

I everything i am... because you loved Celine S2

@ Anewday79 :
Have you already listened to this song???? Where????

But I stand tall to get by
no matter how hard I try to hide

And what an AMAZING song!!!! Diane Warren, you did it again my love!!! And I can't wait for this new English album, I have had five deaths this year, and I NEED this album to HEAL my broken heart. "Parler A Mon Pere", has done alot for me considering the lyrics, "To Talk To My Mother" would be breathetaking, I lost my Mother February 15, 2012! So I kinda change a few words around for me, just Mother actually. I miss her more than words, in fact the song "Parler A Mon Pere" says it ALL for me.....

I can't wait to listen to all of the new songs: expecially this one !!!!!! Smile