Celine Says Thank You!

2013/12/20 5:33PM Canada (English)
Before wishing farewell to 2013, Celine sends a thank you message to all her fans. Watch it below!

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Thank YOU Celine! I love you Smile

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Love it !!!!!

Love to dream Dream to love

Thank you Celine for an amazing year 2013 and hope the upcoming one will also bring something good to all of us!

You thank us Celine but there are no words to describe how much we thank you!
2013 was incredible for me and some of my best memories are from visiting Montreal in January to going to Paris in November!
Seeing you in concert was a dream come true and getting to meet you outside your hotel and getting an autograph was something I never thought could happen ...to the point where I still think it was a dream. You truly stand out from the rest for the time you take for your fans.
Your English album is breath taking and deserves so much success.
I met so many other fans and have made dear friends for life this year.
So thank you Celine.
I hope you, Rene , the boys and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
All the best for 2014.
Hope to see you back in Europe soon.

It's we thank Celine for everything! You make me cry...
You are the incredible person!
When You sang 'Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas' on the roof of the limo- wonderful!
It really stand you from amidst other stars, you are near with their fans.
Thank you for what you did for us in 2013 and I hope that, perhaps, I see you finally live in 2014.
I love you Celine, it's extraordinary!

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Antwerp and Paris were unforgettable. I enjoyed every second!
I met new people and saw old friends again Smile
Celine was amazing on stage and off stage.
She is so sweet. No matter how tired she was, she always tried to make time for her fans.
The video shows it all: the fans love Celine and Celine loves her fans Smile

Let 2014 be as good or even better than 2013!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

awwwww Celine you make me want to cry again!!! your love for all of us is unbelievable!!! I cannot tell you how much I love you and how big of a fan I am of you!!! I am only 16 and I'm from Ohio!!! and I just have to say THANK YOU! thank you so much for everything you have made our year of 2013 INCREDIBLE just as well!! it really could not have been any better all because of you!!! this year I got to see you in concert for the very first time ever on the 19th of June and it was just.... THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!!! my seats were on the floor section 3 8 rows back and the moment I saw you when the curtains drew back I burst into tears!! it was one of my life's biggest dream come true but my biggest dream is to meet you some day and I pray to God every day that someday that will happen!!! though i did get to meet your husband before the show outside of the Colosseum and that was absolutely an amazing moment!!!! I had also received a letter back from you and team Celine this year back in the spring in response of the letter my mom had written to you and there is no strong enough word to explain how I felt when my dad handed the letter to me and after I read it I cried!!!! I don't know anyone else in the world who loves their fan as much as you do Celine!!! thank you so much!!!
And your new album is absolutely amazing every single one of your new songs are INCREDIBLE!!! you have done so much for us this year traveling the US Traveling Europe promoting your new album and it seems like you never had time for a break and a person like that deserves more than enough respect!!!! everything you've done for us this year shows how devoted you are to what you do and how much you love us all!! and let me just say how amazing i think you are for everything!!!!! I just wish I could have been there to see you perform in Paris or Antwerp!! I love you so much Celine and thank you once again for everything you've done for us and for the love you share with us Smile
thank you Laughing out loud!!!!! and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!! Smile
God Bless you Celine Smile!!!!!

Hi Celine, thanks. Seeing you outside the hotel in Paris was one of my best memory. And Paris and your concert just incredible. Merci on t'aime. Joyeux Noel à toi et tes bébés.

Le 25 novembre à Paris!