Celine Says No To Bullying

2014/03/16 3:00AM Canada (English)

The Fondation Jasmin Roy, which fights against bullying, recently launched its School Staff Support Kit to help prevent and reduce bullying in schools. Celine supports the cause and also says no to bullying!

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Thank you Celine for supporting such an important cause!
Too many people suffer from bullying.
Thank you so much.

My Celine <3 <3 <3 Love you for who you are! You are my inspiration <3 <3 <3 <3

Many Kisses From Georgia

I love Celine she understands what us young people are going through because she has gone through it , I've been bullied all my life I used to be afraid to even step out my house sometimes since I was little at a young age I have been bullied and I felt so alone and there's other things in my life that have happens to me nothing to do with bullying but yeah I felt so alone when I was getting bullied I used to sit and cry my eyes out and I do still from this day I cry until I can't cry anymore and the people who do it don't understand how the words and actions they say and do hurt us I'm still going through the bullying now and I thought I couldn't talk to anyone not even my family and I find this really hard to talk about but since 2013 when I listened to Celine's music and whatched her movies I began to realise that I'm not alone and I should should speak to someone I still sit and cry my eyes out but not as much because Celine's words and songs have gave me strength celine has gave me so much strength I've been through ALOT in my life and I still am it gets harder but since I found Celine I have found a way for it. Not to get to me i sing well I love singing bevuase I express my feelings and it makes me happy I gav up on my dreams but now there's not a chance of me giving up I lobe to sing and I'm going to stick with it I recently spoke to my math teacher about the bullying and she has been so nice to me I even started to cry in front of her becuaase I find it so hard I find school hard becuase of the people bullying me and its hard right now even writing this and I just love Celine like I'm crying right now she knows how it feels and I now know I'm not alone she has done loads for me like you would never believe I love her I wish I could just speak to her about this I feel like she is the only person who I can speak to about my problems and I wish I could just meet and talk with her even just for a second I wish that could happen if she was reading this it would mean a lot I would cry in front of her because what she has done for me I lovw yoiu Celine I am really everything I am because YOU loved me even though we haven't met I'm me because of you and I'm still going through this bullying I just wish I could talk to yoiiu and meet you and just tell you how thankful I am to you Smile :) Sad

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

thank you Rebecca90 Laughing out loud and yes it makes perfect sense to me Smile I do know a little bit of French but not enough to translate what she said though.
I was bullied in 7th grade and when I saw that Celine was doing this video I was dying to know what she had to say about it Smile
so thanks again for the translation Laughing out loud

@Leah: I can try to translate for you:

Because Céline was bullied herself when she went to school, she can understand the distress of young people. She says that no child should be afraid to go to school and that fear can destroy dreams. She also says that it's important that children learn to dream in complete security. As a mother, Céline can also understand the despair of parents who don't see any light and joy in the hearts of their children anymore because they don't have any friends at school. We, as a society, should fight against this and therefore, Céline says "no" to bullying.

Hope this makes any sense to you, it's quite difficult to translate from one foreign language to another... Wink

Inspirational woman <3

Thanks for the video but I would really like to know what she's saying!!! Can someone please translate what she said for me??? Is there an English version to this too?? I think there should be Smile