Celine On Salut, Bonjour! Weekend

2013/08/01 3:00AM Canada (English)

Before her exceptional concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec, Celine sat down for an interview with Anouk, host of ‘Salut, Bonjour! Weekend’, a morning show which airs on the Quebec television network TVA. Celine spoke about why it was important for her to sing in Quebec and discussed her new English-language album to be released in October. She revealed how she was touched by the fact that 5 years after her last English album, songwriters were still offering her their songs. She also took the opportunity to update viewers on her children and Celine sent a message of hope to the residents of Lac Mégantic, who were deeply affected by a disastrous train accident. Watch the videos here and here.

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man I wish I knew what they were saying but then at the end it doesn't matter because its Celine Smile and I could tell at some points she was being funny from her reactions lol
<3 I love you for always Celine - je t'aime Celine <3

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I have to learn French! I didn't understand a word Sad


I watched the interview on the internet, we are looking forward to the new album in English!
When will be published the album cover? Celine's photo is on the cover right?