Celine Returns To Las Vegas Tomorrow

2013/08/05 3:00AM Canada (English)

After performing a one-night only concert in Quebec, Celine is back in Las Vegas! Tomorrow, Celine will kick off the last series of her summer shows. There’s still time to catch her before the end of the season. Tickets for summer performances are still available.

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Just saw Celine's concert in Las Vegas on August 6th. It was a dream come true and she did not disappoint. I can now cross this wish off of my bucket list as I have seen one of the greatest singers of all time live in concert. Thank you Celine for a wonderful evening. It was one we will never forget.

RE: the Aug. 10th concert in Las Vegas

I have never been to the Olympics, but there have been two times in my life when I knew that I was experiencing the "Olympics" of human performance in the arts. One was seeing "Swan Lake" at the Kennedy Center in New York, and the other was last night being at Celine Dion's concert. It was truly a grand orchestration.

You might think that those empty seats that night will break the sold-out record of the show. But don´t get fooled by them. At 19:30 the Colosseum at Ceasar´s Palace is completely filled with anxious fans. The sound of a shy clapping is followed by 2 more, ten more, 100 more people that form an applause as a respectful reminder that the show has to start.
In front of the closed, red curtains that hide the last minute preparation of some of the most professional musicians and singers of the world, a large screen is rolled down and the super exciting notes of “I drove all night” get the crowed into the Celine Dion mood.
Scenes from the “Through the eyes of the world” DVD are presented to both: set the audience into context explaining what has been the life of their favorite singer in the past 5 years, and to initiate the night. A celebration of art, perfection and, above it all, harmony has started.
Celine Dion is ready to start singing. Everybody knows it, awaits it. Some are nervous, some are emotional. Everybody knows a great time is about to begin. The large screen is rolled back-up at the same time that the red curtains of the stage are rolled sideward and there, standing in the middle of the stage, receiving the energy, applause and honors of 3.000 people, stands Celine Dion.
Piano notes accompany this exciting moment while she smiles and greets the audience that is offering a standing ovation even before she has started singing. No need to wait for her to perform. Many of the thousands of people that night have been waiting for that moment when they can see her live and applaud a career they very well know already.
And when she brings the microphone up to her mouth, the audience immediately stops all noises and sits down quietly to listen to the first words of “Open Arms” a masterpiece made a classic in her voice. The magic of the Colosseum at Casesar´s Palace is revealed. Celine´s voice is heard neatly, perfectly, like she is singing to your ear. The warmth of her voice, the tones and the texture are transmitted through a remarkable audio system. And just when the best voice in the world has hypnotized you, the words “so now I come to you” flow out of her mouth and the curtains behind her turn bright white and fall to the floor revealing a full orchestra behind her.
The show has begun. For the next almost two hours a non-stopping stream of sound, lights, stage effects, but above all professionalism will be presented to your senses. So just relax and let your emotions flow through the music. Let the best singer in the world show you why no seats, no night, are ever empty at the Colosseum.

My dream is to see Celine in Vegas!

we are waiting for you in Brazil Celine Smile

im taking my girlfriend of 6 yrs to your concert on august 18th.she is one of your biggest fans. we have our tickets already purchased.there i plan on proposing to her. i hope she says yes. i was wondering if you can help. maybe call out her name or mines during your break during the concert, just acknowledging her maybe me trying to purpose to her. i would greatly appreciate it. thank you even if you cant thanks anyways..

I will see her tomorrow the 6th, so exciting!! Back from Norway to see her after I flew in last year in February and the show got cancelled just before it started Sad it was the first of many shows cancelled.

TEAMCELINE, please make my dream come true and get me a meet and greet tomorrow Smile

Happy to be back!!!

Already got my ticket to see her VIP in Antwerp, Nov. 21st!!

AMAZING SHOW!!!!! i saw her last June on the 19th with my mom! best night ever!!!!!
please let us know more about her new album "loved me back to life" and her Une Soule Fois concert - will it ever be broadcasted in the U.S.A????? Will it at least be made into a DVD????? we are all waiting for more info!!!!!

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I'm right now staying on The Signature in Las Vegas, and I'm going to the show tomorrow with my family and again the day after alone as VIP, talking about can't wait.
Saw the show twice last year, she is amazing, it's as simple as that.

She should sing her own songs and forget about doing covers. The setlist needs to be modified. But "Where does my heart beat now" and "Beauty and the beast" should remain as part of the setlist

some suggestions:
je ne veux pas
comment t'aimer
mon ami m'a quittee
d'amour ou d'amitie
on traverse un miroir
delivre moi
where does my heart beat now
if we could start over
if you asked me to
if you could see me now
beauty and the beast
water from the moon
think twice
love doesn't ask why
just walk away
les derniers seront les premiers
falling into you
make you happy
dreamin' of you
i love you
i don't know
call the man
tell him
when i need you
miles to go
to love you more
let's talk about love
be the man
en attendant ses pas
another year has gone by
i'm your angel
that's the way it is
if walls could talk
then you look at me
i want you to need me
i'm alive
a new day has come (radio remix)
goodbye's the saddest word
i surrender
the greatest reward
i drove all night
in his touch
one heart
stand by your side
i know what love is
je t'aime encore
tout l'or des hommes
le vol d'un ange
rien n'est vraiment fini
contre nature
ma nouvelle france
you and i
ain't gonna look the other way
je ne vous oublie pas
tous les secrets
sous le vent
i believe in you
et s'il n'en restait qu'une
a cause
je cherche l'ombre
le temps qui compte
taking chances
my love
surprise surprise
this time
a world to believe in
fade away
map to my heart
the reason i go on
there comes a time
dance with my father
parler a mon pere
qui peut vivre sans amour
une chance qu'on s'a
la mer et l'enfant
celle qui m'a tout appris
je n'ai pas besoin d'amour
si je n'ai rien de toi
que toi au monde
ne me quitte pas
les jours comme ca



It's my dress Smile I am wearing it to the concert and I designed it and made it Smile
It's my second dress

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Wearing my fabulous dress I designed Smile

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I can't wait!! Leaving for Vegas on the 19th!!