Celine Returns To Belgium and France – TeamCeline Ticket Pre-Sale Starts Today!

2013/04/25 3:00AM Canada (English)

TeamCeline members have the opportunity to purchase tickets for Celine’s concerts in Antwerp and Paris ahead of the general public. The TeamCeline ticket pre-sale starts today at 10am (CEST). Official VIP Experience Packages will also be available during the pre-sale.
Don’t delay; the pre-sale ends today at midnight (CEST).

For details on how to purchase tickets and Official VIP Experience Packages during the pre-sale, log onto your TeamCeline account, go to your ‘My Account’ page and click on the ‘Europe Tickets’ tab.

Not a TeamCeline member? Join now and take advantage of this fantastic offer! Membership is free!

Tickets for Celine’s concerts in Antwerp and Paris will go on sale to the general public tomorrow at 10am (CEST).

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I've got better seats. So I am happy. Now, I can see two fantastic shows!!!!! Vip is too much, maybe next time. Thanks for coming back to Belgium. Smile

Got tickets to both Antwerpen and Paris Smile So excited to see Céline in concert again, and to hear some songs from "Sans attendre"!! Smile

Dificiles de conseguir pero por fin la tengo!!! Entrada para el 1 de diciembre =) =) =) Ufff que lentos van a pasar estos meses!!! Thank you TeamCeline!!


Even at 10h00 it wouldn't offer a 001 to 004 block ticket. The tickets I have (bought between 10 & 12h) are in blocks 120 and 134.

But I guess some where lucky enough Wink

People shouldn't be complaining about the presale in Antwerp, there were perfectly suitable tickets available!
i bought mine at 10am sharp and have front row seats in a great spot. Website worked fine, you just had to be quick. Dont complain about having bad seats if you buy tickets at 10.30, it was clearly stated that it was a first come first serve base.
Just saying, be kind to one another.
Can't wait for her hopefully mainly french concert, since her french sounds are her best kind. And i am flemish Tongue

I want so much to go to a Celine's show in Paris ...

Guys just keep trying!! They keep releasing new tickets! I just got two great tickets for Friday 29th Nov! You have to use the site in French though!! x

Thanks TeamCeline! Smile

Tickets bought for November 29th Smile

I got my tickets for 25th nov show.
Thanks Céline to come to Europe! We're waiting for you.
lucia (italie)

Le 25 novembre à Paris!

Got my ticket!!!!!!!!! Smile 30th November in Paris!
Can't wait!!! <3<3<3

I have two tickets from Coulliers!! Laughing out loud:D:D:D
Hurry if you want some!!

If you still have problems with getting tickets, you need to try again and again.
I got 2 tickets for 30th Nov & 1st Dec 2013. Now I have 7 month time to find someone who will join in. Laughing out loud

Hello all!
Is there anybody who have tickets for the 'field' in Antwerp?

So far I have seen nobody of the teamceline fans has got tickets for the floor for Sportpaleis in Antwerp. We all have tickets in the bottom of the stadium on the tribune.. Where are the tickets for the field? Are they going on sale for the regular public tommorow? We fans want to be close to the stage, most of us pay 178 euro's for a seat far away from the stage. I think the fans on teamCeline should get the best tickets, it was promised on the reservation page! If we knew the places I could wait for the regular selling tommorrow but it's too late now.
Sorry for my comment, but I think this is not right!

Or is the stage in the middle of the Sportpaleis? I heard it was in de front, but if it's in the middle, then the seats that most of us have booked are good seats.

http://partenaires.ticketnet.fr/fr/manifestation/celine-dion-billet/idma... the paris ticket link good luck everyone there the tickets are goin fast!! Smile just didn nanage to book the places we wanted but managed to book them Smile xx

To get tickets go to ticketnet.fr
click on link "pre-purchase tickets (something like that)
inout code UOM99mba
If you have problems with identifying yourself, create a new user
A lot of categories are already gone
Maybe you can buy tomorrow at FNAC etc but I go my tickets today for Monday the 25th of November


Antwerp November 21st & 22nd
Paris December 1st

I'm sorry for all those fans who did not get their tickets!
But you will get them tomorrow, for sure!

Unfortunately I did not get the best tickets, but...
I'll be there!

Toujours rien ...

GOT 2 Tickets for 1st December - who is going with me? Laughing out loud

Just got my tickets for November 21 and November 22 !!!!
Thank you so much Team Celine for giving us the opportunity to order tickets one day ahead.

Je suis sur ticketnet depuis 9h50....
J'ai reussi a avoir le service client : 0149975191 qui m'a envoyé le lien... OUF j'ai ma place en carré or mais je ne sais pas à quoi correspond porte O Y ou Z....
J'ai pris O.... on verra bien....

YES!! I am ready for it!!

Céline Dion, don 21/11/'13 20:00 , Sportpaleis - Antwerpen

I have tickets for Celine in Antwerp on November 22th! Laughing out loud

I'm sooo excited! <3

I want to buy Paris tickets, but it's still not working Sad

it's impossible to pre order tickets ARGG !!!

ticketnet I HATE YOU !!!!! Tongue

-Madre di Will: "oh guarda il mio film preferito, Biancaneve e i sette nani.... cosa...oh che sbadati si sono dimenticati la N... Posso metterlo dentro?"
Will: "Pensa che strano, questa è l

avez-vous réussi à avoir des billets? Comment fait-on svp?

It's not working for Paris and it's 10:23 AM (CEST). What happens?


please fiiiix this team celine or ticketnet!! please!! x

Do we have to wait to get an email notification that the rickets are on sale??

paris isnt working help Team Celine!

When I put my username and password it says, incorrect password?
Do you get hte same message?

Me neither... no tickets so far Sad

Got my Antwerp tickets, but could not pay yet! Smile)

But what is happening with the French site, NOT WORKING Sad(

I can't see where/how to buy tickets on that website! Freaking out!!!!

The Paris event is NOT working...only antwerpe!!!! typical french :/

The Paris site isn't working :-/

how come it's not working?

Already ordered the ticket, but wen I click the payment link, it always open a blank page.

does it work ? I'm unable to buy a ticket Sad

Already on sale? Can't see any button.

It's less than a hour!! I can't wait!!!!!!!! Smile