Celine Returns To Belgium and France – TeamCeline Ticket Pre-Sale Starts Thursday!

2013/04/23 5:30AM Canada (English)

Celine will be back in Belgium and France for seven exceptional shows to celebrate the success of her ‘Sans attendre’ album.
Mark these dates on your calendars:
ANTWERP (Sportpaleis): November 21 & 22, 2013
PARIS (Bercy): November 25-26-29-30 & December 1, 2013
Tickets go on sale Friday, April 26 at 10am (CEST).

TeamCeline members have an exceptional advantage; members have the opportunity to purchase tickets, ahead of the general public.
The TeamCeline ticket pre-sale for all seven concerts will start on Thursday, April 25 at 10am (CEST).
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Hi, Norwegian fan here:) Does anyone know if she sings any songs in english, or just french when she has her conserts in France? What about her conserts in Belgium?
I have never seen her perform in real life, so I really want to attend when she is in Europe...not so easy dough, cause I dont understand French Wink

songs to perform; not the old ones we always hear. so for once, no power of love, no because you loved me and no it's all coming back to me now.

instead: many songs from Sans Attendre and other great french songs.
- high on my list - Zora Sourit,
Je Sais Pas
( yes it is in old one but a very good one)
Ain't gonna look the other way ( know she won't do it, but oh I would lOOOVE to hear that song live)
new songs from the English album ( not too much Vegas songs please)

make it an exciting fresh list with songs never been done before. Surprise us!
Celine you have such an amazing repertoire, esspecially in your french albums, pick the best songs from them please and make it a night we will always remember:-)

Hi TeamCeline,
I'd love to listen some english songs in Paris too. For ex: "That's the way it is", "Because you loved me", "A new day has come", "The power of love", "I'm alive", "Where does my heart beat now?" and of course "My heart will go on".
Thanks for listenin'!

Le 25 novembre à Paris!

I have tickets Laughing out loud

See you in Antwerp Celine! <3

That's great for Europeans, but when Celine will come to Brazil? Celine also has fans in Brazil if you forget it ...

Hi Everyone.
I am so exited that Celine come back to Europe.
I am from Poland but France and Belgium is not so far away as USA.
If i will have ticket in my hand i will be sure that dreams come truth.
I would like to see Celine live.
I was waiting for this time 15 years.
I wolud like to hear her songs from new french album but also the greatest hits like My heart will go on,think twice,power of love and to love you more.
Kisses Celine and i hope we will see us in November in Paris.

Hello Everyone,

Details about Celine's concerts in Antwerp and Paris, including the song list have not yet been determined. As soon we have more info, we will certainly post it on the site!

How about you? What songs would you like to see Celine perform?

Bonjour à tous,

Les détails des concerts de Céline à Anvers et Paris, y compris la liste des chansons, n'ont pas encore été déterminés. Dès que nous aurons l'information, nous la posterons sur le site!

Et vous? Quelles chansons aimeriez-vous que Céline interprète?



i from MADRID,

i want find, i want buy my ticket,
but i not know right about this service, i not know exactly i can do it.

Can SOMEONE help me ?
THANK you all.

my twitter/mauricioMadrid

im here, and, and i dream so much see she singer in live Smile my big dream in my life is hug Celine some day.
I LOVE Celine Dion Smile

Really great, my boyfriend and I love your music!!
We would love to come to see you sing live. But I'm also afraid that it will all be in French. I know a little french but my boyfriend doesn't.
Are you going to speak dutch or english during the show? Will there be some English songs?

cant wait was gonna book las vegas next year. Now get to see celine earlier soooooo exciterd cant wait

It is outstanding news !! So amazing that she's coming to Paris, this November and December !! I've been for so long to see her and to listen to her very wonderful and strong voice !! It would be a dream come true Laughing out loud

Bonjour , comment faire pour connaitre le prix des places svp

Wow, that's a wonderful news to have Celine back in Europe! I really really would like to be there... but maybe I will have to save money hoping in a new world tour that will bring Celine again to Italy...

I'm going from Ireland for sure!!!
Can't wait!!!

This is absolutly great news! Dream come true!

Thats amazing that she is in France!!!! however will she be speaking in french or english since she is doing her french album because i cant speak french, soooo gutted Sad

I am so excited!!
I would like to know what for song Celine is going to sing. English or French?

Its my 42 th birthday today 23-4.

This is the best percent i ever had!
I can travel this by car.

Love you Celine!!

Awesome! I would love to go to the concert on 1st December!

After a hard day of work, I checked my emails and saw that Celine Dion comes to Antwerp.
Great , wonderful. Good choice Celine to come once again to Antwerp , warm welcome.
I hope I can get/buy the necessary tickets so I can come with the whole family.
Also my son , 10 years old, is a fan and would like to hear her live.
I would feel honored to witness this concert .
Cann't wait to purchase tickets, so I can count down to the day in question


Are the presale tickets the best tickets available for the concerts in Belgium?

YES!!! I can´t wait till November in Antwerp, see you all then.

Oh My Goooooooooooooooood,
this night i did dream with Celine all night Smile
i met she, talking, and i sing to Celine,

i when i open my FaceBook, i see this notice Smile

i m so happy,

i want soooooooo much go to Antwerpen,
celine , i Love you.
i from Madrid.

kiss Friends

im here, and, and i dream so much see she singer in live Smile my big dream in my life is hug Celine some day.
I LOVE Celine Dion Smile

cannot wait to see you live again Celine Smile I will come from Malta Smile

Belgian prices
Kaarten kosten 57,50 – 87,50 – 117,50 – 152,50 – 177,50 euro, servicekosten inbegrepen.

Source: sportpaleis.be

Hello Everyone,

To get all the details regarding the TeamCeline ticket pre-sale, log into your TeamCeline account, go to your ‘My Account’ page and then click on the ‘Europe Tickets’ tab! On this page, you will find your two PIN Codes and direct website links where you can purchase concert tickets for Antwerp and Paris. These unique codes are associated with your TeamCeline account and you will need them to purchase tickets during the TeamCeline ticket presale. The TeamCeline ticket pre-sale starts on Thursday, April 25 at 10 am (CEST) and ends on Thursday, April 25 at midnight (CEST). Please note that each unique PIN code is valid for a total of four tickets.

Bonjour à tous,

Pour tous les détails sur la prévente des billets ÉquipeCéline , connectez-vous à votre compte ÉquipeCéline, allez à la page ‘Mon compte’ et cliquez ensuite sur l’onglet ‘Billets Europe’! Sur cette page, vous trouverez deux codes PIN et des liens directs aux billetteries en ligne où vous pourrez acheter vos billets pour les concerts d’Anvers et Paris. Ces codes uniques sont associés à votre compte ÉquipeCéline et vous en aurez besoin lors de la prévente ÉquipeCéline. La prévente de billets ÉquipeCéline commence le jeudi 25 avril à 10h (heure française) et se termine le jeudi 25 avril à minuit (heure française). Veuillez noter que chaque unique code PIN est valide pour un total de 4 billets.


Celine, I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thankful to you coming to Europe! It must be a gift from god! Love you!!!!

uschi_film.jpg30.36 KB

je serai présente!! on va recevoir un mail pour dire qu on peut acheter les billets jeudi si on c'est inscrit? et sur quelle site peutr on acheter les billet a partir de jeudi?

I'm so wishing I lived in France right now! Smile

Yeah! Céline so close to Holland, you bet I'll be there!!! Does anyone know whether this show is the same as in Quebec? So 80% French songs and 20% English? I hope she will do (a spin-off) of her Vegas-show! But I'm afraid (due to the fact that Belgium and France are French-speaking countries) that's not going to happen.

I'm going for sure!! Thank you TeamCeline for the pre-sale! I'm in for Paris!

This is great!! Smile
I'm soooo going to one of these concerts!!! Smile
Thank you Celine!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<<3

At what website can we buy the tickets?
Will you post a link?


roos-size1.jpg189.04 KB

oh super that celine comes to my town ANTWERP what a super year I will see celine 2 times this year .... on 23 June in vegas and in november in Antwerp

"city antw"

Great News!! What about a Show here in Geneva or Lausanne? S'il te plâit, Céline!!