Celine Recording “Water And A Flame”

2013/04/26 2:34PM Canada (English)
Celine's new English-language album is coming out this fall. Until then, take a behind-the-scenes look at Celine and producer Eg White recording the song “Water And A Flame”.

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Dear celine don't let anyone stop you you sing any song you want and when you want i love your song very much my story is almost the same as yours and that is why i love you so much because you don't just sing you teach to

Why recording "Water and a Flame"? This song is not as good as some people might think.

In his official Facebook page, Daniel Merriweather is saying that Celine is not being honest as she decided to record (his) song. He is mocking Celine. Producers shouldn't be so blind when many fans know that this song won't be a hit in Celine's voice.

Last year I was sceptical when I heard Celine was doing this song, because I didn't like the original song by Adele, but Celine takes it to a whole new level.... It's very promising !

It's already beatiful now!

Sounds promising!

Every new album of Celine is always better than the one before, when I was already thinking that that one was simply perfect, she is always able to surprise everyone! Keep it up!!!

Please do this song in Vegas, it's growing on me!

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Listening to this song makes me even more excited for the release of the new album !

Love to dream Dream to love

Wow! I can't wait. I want to hear it all!

"Your loved me back to life from the coma, the wait it's over..."

I can not wait!!! I love this song. Its so nice!!!

Celine youre the best! I love you forever!!! Smile

I cant wait for a new album!!!!

I'm totally fall in love with this song, ahhhh

Nice song Celine

Finally the album will be released!!!!! I hope there are no covers. "At seventeen" is included and that's a very bad sign (I like the song but it is a cover).

Celine, you need to release an amazing album like "Falling into you", "Let's talk about love" and "Taking chances" and you need to release powerful singles like "It's all coming back to me now", "Because you loved me", "My heart will go on", "To love you more", "That's the way it is" , etc.....

Wonderful song, another success for the Celine's repertoire, I can't wait for that album.

I love you Celine <3

I can't wait for the album!!! Smile

I already love the song!!!!!
As usual it'll be a very good album!!!!
I'm eager to discover it and so happy to see Céline in my country, in December!!!!!

Céline you're the best singer on earth!!!!!!!!!
I love you very much!!!!!!!

This sounds like such a fantastic song!!! I can't wait for the new album!! .....so excited!Smile


I can not wait! Wink Smile

It sounds so beautiful! Smile Can't wait for the full song!

OMG! this is so great! the sound is so great! her voice is a lot lot better than the taking chances album! i just can't wait!

I loved it, I can't wait this album Big smile

cool can't wait to listen to that album. Smile

I believe, I believe, I believe in You!

for a first sneak peak of the new album, this sounds great. this new album could well be a piece of heaven Smile

I've come to realise lately that Celine should make an album closer to "the colour of my love".
It is definitely the best one ever to me. It was very-well produced; there were very good choices of songs; it was vocally challenging for Celine, which leads to a very soulful and expressive album. Yet, it was just not an album full of "slow ballads", those songs are so meaningful and breathtaking.

Well, I really feel that Water and A flame could be a very good album.

I want it to contain songs Celine would have chosen for the emotion she can bring out of them such as Think Twice, Falling into you, It's all coming back to me...
up tempo songs too such as Everybody's talking my baby down, Just a little bit of love, Make you happy....
and then, some "non-radio-material" songs that would just be for the fans such as I remember L.A., Dreamin' of you, why oh why, Miles to go, Next plane out, ...

I've always looked at Celine's albums in that way: in three parts, the big hits meant to make people cry, the up-tempo songs for stage, and then the unknown ones for fans.

How about coming to Prague Wink

Celine, you are the best singer ever! And very nice women. Very natural. Nice. Thank you for all your songs! You are amazing! Zuzana Prague