Celine Recording “Unfinished Songs”

2013/12/19 1:00PM Canada (English)
Watch Celine in studio recording “Unfinished Songs” from British movie ‘Unfinished Song’ (Song for Marion) written by Diane Warren. “Unfinished Songs” has been deemed eligible for the Original Song category for the 86th Academy Awards. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a nomination!

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Happy New year Smile

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One of her best songs hands down..

Love to dream Dream to love

Wow! hopefully this song will make it to the nomination and win it! it wil be Celine's 5th oscar nominated song!!!! (if ever)

For me "unfinished songs" is not only a song.
I really know that we can make everything we want and be everything we want, we do not make harm to others. I know a lot of depends on our thoughts about our life, strong thoughts with love can move mountains)))
Celine, you are super!!!

Alena Flying

wow Celine 4 in the morning even after a 2 hour show?? oh my gosh Celine I have so much respect for you!!! Smile you are really by far the best!!!! Laughing out loud there is no one else that is like you no one who could ever be as dedicated as you are Celine Laughing out loud I LOOOOOOVE UNFINSHED SONGS SO MUCH ITS SUCH A GREAT AND AMAZING SONG both versions of it are!!! its so amazing so inspirational who wouldn't love it!!!!! Smile
love you and your songs forever Celine Laughing out loud!!!!!

Definitely one of the best songs of the album. For me this is the best song! <3

I love this song, was the first I heard from her new album, reminds me of the holidays.
Amazing, so positive, powerful, touches.
Human being thinks than can achieve everything what want...
and it's all thanks to this great song, and of course our beloved Celine. ♥

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!