Celine Recording “At Seventeen”

2013/04/28 3:00AM Canada (English)
Celine's new English-language album is coming out this fall. Until then, take a behind-the-scenes look at Celine recording “At Seventeen”.

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I just love this song, it is a struggle for most of us on this planet and for teens it is just closer to the raw emotions without the carapace we forge true the years, I am now 3 time seventeen but I am still touch and amaze by the fact we go true life no matter what life throws at us and the one scaring us in the past are just not important anymore, I just love this song, the original from Janis Ian, Celine version from at te music award, her Vegas version with one guitar
Thank-you Celine

I love when she is singing this way... So emotional!

That's a nice song, I can't wait listening to the others!! Wink

Not that I am excited or anything but Celine sure does look good in that recording studio. And I got to admit I can't wait for the fall to get here. Smile

-Kel Loves Celine Wink

I prefer a ballad song with high notes

This album, will be amazing Big smile

So glad this will finally be out!!!!

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

I love it. I've heard it before and I'm glad that Celine's recording this beautiful song!!!

"Your loved me back to life from the coma, the wait it's over..."

Beautiful song <3

I'm so in love with that song since I've seen/heard it live in Las Vegas Smile

lovely <3

Amazing song!
Can't wait for the album!! <3