Celine Receives A ‘Talent d’Honneur France Bleu 2013’ Award

2013/12/26 3:00AM Canada (English)

During the recent ‘Talents France Bleu 2013’ (France Bleu 2013 Awards), Celine received a ‘Talent d’Honneur’ award, for her long-standing career in France. Winners of the ‘Talents France Bleu’ awards are selected by more than 400 radio hosts and programmers from the France Bleu radio network. Watch Celine being interviewed and presented with the award in her dressing room backstage at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy!

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Another award Smile Congratulations Celine!

Hello Celine I love and admire you. I have been tring to find a way to reach you. I have a daughter that looks and sings like an angel just like you. I wish for an opportuity for my daughter and I can only trust someone like you. I know you are a family oriented person and loves to love and love comes from God. My daughter Melissa has worked very hard in life for us her family. She is an executive assistant. It is my time to give my daughter the gift on finding someone special unique like her to help her be heard. Please give her a chance to use her voice ar least once to be heard by someone that loves music and lives music. Thank you! Mom

HEY a home for the holidays with Céline is on again right now on tvgn

Celine definitely deserves it.
I need to learn French more Smile
We love you Celine, thank you for everything!

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Congratulations Celine Laughing out loud you deserve it so much more than any one else I'm so proud of you and I'm so glad you've decided to stay the same amazing person your whole life!!!!! Smile I couldn't be more happier for you Smile!!!!!
And I LOVE your laugh Celine at the end of this video by the way Laughing out loud though I wish I could understand what your saying better but I'm getting there I'm starting to recognize more and more words Smile
Love you forever Celine Smile!!!!!

Celine deserves this a lot!
She's the best singer in the world!!!! Smile