Celine In Quebec Tonight!

2013/07/27 3:00AM Canada (English)

The day has finally arrived! Are you as excited as we are? Celine is in Quebec and in a few hours, she will light up the stage on the Plains of Abraham for her exceptional one-night only concert! Remember to share your wonderful concert experience with us by posting your story on the Forum and by uploading your memorable show photos in our Fan Photos section! Have an awesome time at the show lucky Celine fans!

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We have read all of the comments posted throughout this website regarding ‘Celine… une seule fois’. The promoter, SISMYK (division of QuébéComm), owns the worldwide television rights to the show. We understand they are working on releasing it in various countries around the world. As SISMYK provides updates we will post the information on CelineDion.com. Thank you for your interest and continued support.


Watched some online clips - wish I could have been there!
Will there be at least a DVD/BluRay of that concert? Or maybe some bonus tracks on the new english album?

Please RELEASE "loved me back to life" while they hype is there. Everyone is so excited !! This song has the capacity to be huge!! electric!!! Celine is on fire with this song!!! Its very much being talked about right now, the fans feel it should be released very soon!!!!

Cant wait for vegas !!

The show was wonderful, Loved Me Back to Life is an amazing song, I want to hear the studio version, then launch the music, please ... Smile Brazil loves you Celine

Celine's new single can be a major hitrecord but it needs to be promoted while it is still fresh!
Celine gave an amazing live performance of the song and justjared and perez hilton are both very enthusiastic and posted them on their blogs. Sony if you ever read this website, or other big fanplatforms on the internet, you would know what the fans want! We want Celine have a huge success again. This song can be the key, if promoted well. So release this song as soon as possible please, don't wait months for releasing it. October is way too late. Release it is as soon as possible please!


Watched the concert online it was awesome! Loved Me Back To Life is a sure hit!!!!

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

LMBTL is making the buzz online Sony should release the single now!!

I saw some pieces on the internet and all I can say is:

Amazing, Fabulous, Wild, Celine you ROCK my world. I love you very much!

Can't wait for Antwerp!!!

oh thank God I wasn't the only one who cried i was so upset i didnt get to go and do you know what i did i looked up all the songs she sang at her concert and started listening to them on my ipod from 1st to last the minute the concert started at 8 and just imagined what it would have been like to actually be there! so i guess i kinda put on a little Celine concert inside my head lol Smile and along the way it constantly brought me to tears i feel like crying right now just thinking about it and Celine if you ever read this you'll know how much i love you. i would have done anything to see you again i love you so much Celine Smile
and btw please make a DVD of this concert it will mean so much to us all
thank you and im sure you had an amazing time
<3 I love you for always Celine <3

The concert was EXCELLENT, her voice was so beautiful and i love the new song Loved Me Back To Life!! Wish we'll have a DVD-Bluray of the show!

I cried all night because I couldn't watch the Celine concert in Quebec. I went to buy Ice cream at the store and now I'm drinking a bottle of wine wishing I was there to cheer her on! I LOVE YOU CELINE !

Michael T.

I know I was hoping so badly for Celine's concert to be on tv tonight too but I guess not Sad
I even sent team Celine a message last night at like midnight and asked about it but they never got back with me Sad
I just hope and pray so badly that they upload it on to youtube and also make a DVD of it
that will be so amazing Smile!!!!!
please please please please please do that for us!!!!!!!!!

I thought there was going to be a live feed for this thing

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

if this concert is broadcasted live on tv around the world than I haven't hear anything about it so could you at least make a DVD of this Concert please there are millions of Celine fans who would love more than anything in the world to see this concert
so would you please do that for us?????
thank you

i az iskammmm da ida na koncerta i

Bonjour Celine:

Just an idea.......

Would it be feasible for you and your production staff to organize a "benefit concert" for the town of Lac Megantic ?

I am sure this event would uplift the spirits of the town's people and possibly benefit the restoration of some of their demolished buildings.

I realize your commitments come first but in the event there is "some space" in your calendar, this would be so well received by the devastated Lac Megantic population and Quebec in general.

Thanks for your time.

Steve Baker
Newmarket, Ontario

It would be a big dream come true to be on this show, but still can not make it real ... Céline come visit us, Brazil loves you and is waiting for you = D

Every success in the world on the show tonight!

I Love You Céline... You Are a True Dream In My Heart!!!!

André Gabriel (DION)

Wish I was going! Will have to wait for YouTube videos, hopefully people upload some!! Have a great time everyone going! I'm sure it will be amazing as usual!

its grat that she is there i am sure its has to be wonderfull because celine is the best
always for celine nummber one
good luck enjoy it


I hope the concert will be broadcast or at least put on youtube for those who can't be there Sad
For those who are going to see Celine's concert, have a great time!!
Love you Celine<3

is there gonna be a live stream? Fans outside Canada are dying to see it! Please!


can you please please please please please broadcast this concert live on tv world wide please please please please please, for those millions of fans like me who are not able to be there, can see the one night only concert too please I can not tell you how much it would mean to us Celine fans if you would do this for us who are at home just wishing we were there Smile not everyone is able to go to Quebec city even if there were still tickets available. my mom tried getting tickets for us the day it went on sale and it didn't workout it said it was sold out for some reason or something like that and it wasn't till it was too late to try and get tickets again that we found out that it wasn't sold out after all because we would still have to get a pass port and everything which would take 4 months to get and there was about 2 months until the show and that literally made me cry so please broadcast this concert live on tv world wide please it will mean so much to us all!!!!! Smile
thank you - merci