Celine Puts Show Business Career On Hold For Her Health And Family Reasons

2014/08/13 9:00AM Canada (English)

Celine Dion has decided to postpone all of her show business activities indefinitely, in order to focus 100% of her attention on her husband Rene, their family, and associated health issues. Since Rene's surgery last December to remove a cancerous tumor, it's been a very difficult and stressful time for the couple as they deal with the day-to-day challenges of fighting this disease while trying to juggle a very active show business schedule, and raise their three young children.

Celine has also been fighting an illness that has caused inflammation in her throat muscles, and has not been able to perform any of her scheduled shows in Las Vegas since her last show on July 29th. She has still not recovered from this condition.

"I want to devote every ounce of my strength and energy to my husband's healing, and to do so, it's important for me to dedicate this time to him and to our children. I also want to apologize to all my fans everywhere, for inconveniencing them, and I thank them so much for their love and support." said Celine.

During this hiatus, Celine will cancel her shows at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace until further notice. She will also cancel her tour of Asia, previously scheduled for the fall of this year.

Celine and family have requested that their privacy be respected at this time.

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Dear Celine, don't feel like you need to say 'sorry' for making such a wise decision!
I fully understand and respect your choice, which seems to be obvious to me.
Please use this time to rest (physically & mentally) and focus on things that matter most to you.

You are continuously present in my thoughts and prayers, Celine!

It was perhaps a difficult decision for Celine but only the right one! Without any question - the family comes first !
For sure, showbiz is hard, but - hey, not for Celine!! We fans are waiting for you with so much beautiful songs you've made for us....And each return of you will be stronger than the last one. I'm sure!

All the best wishes for you Celine and your family !

Lots of love, Kathrin.

You are so inspiring, such an amazing woman, extremely talented with a unique voice. You are my music.
Keep strong, your family needs you.

I thank God that last year I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas and see you and your show.

We, your fans, understand completely this choice you are making and we support you 100%.
Thank you. Thanks for many years of dedication, for giving it all, for the awesome work you do and create.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Andre Tur

Sorry for your health problems, you have always been there to entertain us with your beautiful music, now it's time for you all to take care of yourselves. Yes we will all miss you, but it's better to take care now then to have more series problems down the road, and speaking as one who has had cancer herself, it's a long recovery time. You for now concentrate, on your family, take what time you need as you are an important person, and you deserve to take time for yourselves. We will always be here, now is the time for your healing, I have many of your CD's and listen to your music while out walking every morning, so I have you with me every day, I love your music and you, Sorry that you are not feeling good, and hope this finds you and Rene feeling better, you come back when things are much better, we will always be here for you, I will put you in special prayers for a good recovery, no matter how long it takes.

Love you lots

Lori Felts

My thoughts, prayers and best wishes are with you, Rene and the children. My fervent hope is that you can all have a happy and healthy future together for a very long time! You have given so much to your fans, Celine. Now is the time to concentrate on your family! Love and best wishes to you all! xx

Dear Celine and family
My heart goes out to you at this time. Our prayers go out to you and Rene. Take all the time you need. Your place is with your beloved Rene and your boys. You can rest your voice while you are with them. We all love you and will be here when you come back, no matter how long it takes.

Love and Hugs

Anson and Patricia Farris

To celine and family hope you are all well soon ,you are a wonderful lady and I support you all the way family first ,hope Rene recovers soon and you need to rest your vocals love Catherine

My heart and soul are with you and your family. I know everything will get right very soon.
All my love!!

Celine please do not apologize. I'm a long time fan of your and always will be a fan of yours. Sending love and prayers to you and Rene. I hope Rene gets well. Take the time Celine that you need.

Celine, you have always been there for your fans throughout your career and none of us begrudges you this time that you need for yourself, Rene and the family however long it takes, we all hold you in our heart and know that when you feel ready to come back you will let us know... in the meantime don't feel that you are letting us down because you are not, even just what you have given us the last 10 years have proved that, besides all that came before. You owe yourself this and probably should have done it sooner. You have our 100% support and more, we love you ALWAYS and FOREVER XXXXXX
Jackie (England)

This is so sad for us, for your fans Celine.... you're always in our lives, in our prayers and your family as well.
you did an incredible choise, you are the only one in show business that loves family deeply. show business is not important now. the priority is your family. but,remember dear Celine, we are here and "so now we come to you with open arms, nothing to hide, believe what I say, hoping you'll see what your love means to us....open arms...."
rossella from Italy.


My Love Celine Dion

Please Please Please, look into The Gerson Therapy, for your husband and in the process you will also heal any ailment. Please please please give it a try. I look forward to the exciting press release that all is well in your world.xxx

Celine it's only natural. It was too much presure for just one woman. So after being the Superwoman, now you need to rest and take care of yourself and your wonderfull husband Rene.
But you don't have to apologize to us fans. We understand. Take your time. We know that you have "4 boys" to look after, but dont forget yourself. OK?!!
Your fans love you and Rene, so just like in the past they are here to support you both in these times that are not so good. I hope you get well soon.
Celine and René, the only thing that makes sense to say to you right now is to keep loving each other and you will be stronger to fight this bad times.
Celine, keep "making your man smile", now more than ever.
We will be here waiting for the good news.
I love you guys.

Celine, René,
... I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Kiss all your tears away tonight / I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Make you believe again / I wanna look in your eyes now and see you smiling again ....
Hope you are felling better. Love you

Dearest Céline, when I knew you'll be coming to Manila,Philippines on November I immediately bought a VIP ticket for your show. That would have been my greatest dream to watch you and see you perform live, since I was 10 years old I believed that I'll make my dream come true and be part of your crowd as my way to give back to you all the inspiration you brought into my life. But as a fan and a person I was inspired by your decision Céline to put your family first. I/we your fans indeed understand you and there's no need to apologize. We're all behind you Celine, take all the time that you need for Rene and for your family. Praying for his speedy recovery. I'll keep my faith and believed that I can still make that dream come true, blowing kisses for you on the crowd and say Thank You Celine Wink

ok, i hope her concert will be rescheduled on my birthday march 21, 2015 i wish she'll celebrate my birthday with me.... well, that's my advance birthday wish, from now on i will save money for her concert. i want the front row seat on VIP. no matter how expensive it is i will spend money to buy that ticket for me and my love ones....

please..... when celine returns kindly make a music video for "UNFINISHED SONGS" I promise you that this will be a great big hit like I'M ALIVE... make it a movie soundtrack too, to promote her album... thanks....

best wishes for rene and the whole family and team celine.... everything happens for a reason..... GOD BLESS THEM ALL... when she return she'll be more famous and will sell more concerts and albums.... she'll be back on the right track again like her younger years.

love you mama celine,


Why apologise to us your fans Celine you look after Rene x.. he needs you and your children around him xxx and you get better too cos we all love you xxx

Celine you are truly an amazing wife and mother for taking time to help Rene heal and for focusing on your family. I wish both you and Rene a speedy recovery. I pray for both of you every night that you will both be healthy and strong very soon. I love you both. Take all the time you need because family always comes first. I support you 100% and I am with you All The Way.

Celine Dion. You're my super idol. I will pray you and to your husband for the good health. We love you Celine Dion. I cant see you because i have no money to buy your ticket. Feeling sad Sad

Our Family support you and pray you!

I love you Celine Dion!

Hi Celine,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for considering to visit Manila in November. It would have been a dream come true for me and my family (especially my Mom and Dad) who loves you very much. When we heard about the news that you will be visiting Manila I immediately felt the excitement my Mom felt and my very own as I have been dreaming for her to see you, her idol, in person and watch you perform live in concert. I got confirmation on 22 July via this website that indeed you are coming to Manila on 29 November. Unfortunately for my family, on 26 July, my mom got diagnosed with colon cancer. The family was torn between purchasing the tickets or save the money for my mom’s chemotherapy. But as soon as the tickets went on sale on 02 August, I never thought twice on purchasing 12 tickets so that my whole family will be there not only to support you but also to support my mom and witness her dream come true. It would have been a truly happy and memorable moment for her and our family.

Mom got her first chemotherapy session from 26 to 28 July and as soon as we got home from the hospital after her confinement, she asked me to play your “A New Day” concert where there is a feature in the DVD where we saw you meet a fan before the show and the young man was sitting on a wheelchair, accompanied by his parents. I cried watching especially during the part when you said the following message to the fan (which I felt was also very appropriate for my Mom):

“You didn’t choose your wheelchair, you didn’t choose to have 19 surgeries. But you still have a choice: how you’re gonna live through this, and how you’re gonna take that. “Why me?” Or, “Hey! I’m up to 19th surgery, the best is yet to come. I am a happy human being. I make the best of my life.”

This positive and very uplifting message from you made me decide to do whatever I can to make my mom’s dream come true and to hope against hope that you also might encourage my mom personally to fight her illness, to stay strong and have the determination to get well. That is why I even contacted every person connected to your concert in Manila if there would be a meet and greet and I would definitely bring my Mom to hope and see you up-close.

Life is really unpredictable and as you spend your time with René and your good-looking sons to focus on family life and to be there for your husband as he fights his battle, please know that our family truly knows and understands what you are going through and even though it is sad that we won't get to see our mom's dream come true, like us, we know you are only doing what is best for René and your family which we truly admire and respect. Please know that we are one with you in this battle against cancer. Until then, we will simply find comfort in your music and your shows, your inspiring connection with your fans, hoping one day, everything will be alright for your family and ours. We love you Celine and may God bless you, René, RC, Nelson and Eddy always.

‘Cause we’re all unfinished songs
Waiting for the best part to come along

Take the time to make the time to make each moment count
It’s your life
It’s your call
Grab the chance
Have it all

With all the love and support,
Carlos Family

We all want you to take the time you need.
Family is most important.

Be strong , you know we all love you.

We just got an email about the concert we were supposed to go to this January and that it's canceled along with the rest of your winter shows, but hey no worries, this is all about you and what you need to do for Rene and that is far more Important than performing a show, there will always be more opportunities Wink
You both are constantly in our prayers and I hope more anything right now that only positive things will come out of this, just like in 1999 Smile
And please Céline don't apologize for this, you are only doing the right and best thing for Rene and your family, and I will take that over any concert or show, because I know how much hour family means to you, and believe me, I would do the exact same thing Smile
Your heart is most definitely in the right place and I am sure that God is very proud of you both for your decisions and for remaining so strong Smile
I love you both so much and I pray that all this will turn around and everything will be normal again Smile <3

Celine don't apologize for something that is out of your control I did come to Vegas last week expecting to see you but the shows were cancelled the day before I flew out to Vegas it's ok things happen and they happen for a reason you call the shots it's your career I can always come back to Vegas and see you take of yourself and Rene nothing is more important that you two it's only a show keep the faith girl we will wait for your return with open arms and that's a promise

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

There's no neEd to apologize Celine, we are sad that you wouldn't be able to come here in the Philippines,we've been waiting for you, but what hurts the most is to read negative comMents from your bAsherS who can't undErStand you and your family's sitUatioN, it's ok if you cAn't coMe, we would do the same for our family if we were in your place.. We'lL pRay for you and your husbAnd's recovery.. We love you so much.. You gave your whole heart and soul just to sing for us and touch our hearts, take a break,it's ok.. We will keep on waiting for you.. God blesS you and your family..

Dear Celine plz be strong as always you were be.everything will be alright.you're in our heart and we are here for you.I pray for Rene and I'm sure he's very strong and your love is too.so don't worry and rest as long as you want.

I have bought my ticket to see her in Manila this Nov,29th. I have paid for everything...hotels,flights.
This is really broke my heart, because I have been planning to see her since I was 13.
It was my childhood dream, then now I think I will never be able to pay this dream to myself.
But I love you more Celine because you made learn how our family should comes first by any situation.
I have loved you for a very long time Celine, and I will always do.

Your greatest Indonesian fans.

English isn't my first Language so, I hope to write correctly...

Celine Dion: First of all I need to tell you that you don't need to apologize, we understand you.
I am writing here to support you through everything.

I'll be waiting for your return faithfully to continue enjoying your beautiful voice, you and your husband made ​​us very happy for long time, so thats the reason we love you deeply.

so. please come back, come back as soon as you can.

All my respect, my support, my pray, my heart, I love you,

From Monterrey México lots of hugs.

A. Medina

Mais la vie sans Celine Dion, je sais pas...je t'aime mon amour!
Thank you for letting me see myself through your heart.
I Love you, I just Do.

Stay strong Celine ... you don't have to apologize for anything, you did the right thing. Take good care of your husband and yourself.

we'll be waiting for you here it doesnt matter how long it takes.

We love you Celine


We'll always love you Celine

You are my idol and inspiration Celine and I will always love you no matter what happens and like I've said your health and your family are so much more important than anything and I pray and pray that you get better Celine you deserve all the best in the world you take as much time as you need to take care of your family and your health!!! You deserve to be 100% again!!!!! We all know how much you love to sing for us fans and how you would do anything to make the show ho on, but we also know that when things like this happen you choose family and health first and that is what I love about you Celine, you do what you know is best, and you take responsibilities for what you know you need to do and that's what makes you an amazing human being, so like what many other fans have said, you never need to apologize for anything!! We fans know the kind of person you are and we know how devoted you are to your family and career!! Smile
I love you so much Celine and I have you and Rene in my prayers Smile
Best wishes to you both Smile

image.jpg231.84 KB

If anyone who works for Celine here, please pass this information to her and her family.

The plant, Gynura divaricata (please google it for more information), is very useful to kill tumor or cancer cell inside human body. My family and relatives, and many people we know, have survived from cancers after eating it for a few weeks. The tumors disappeared completely. Please do get it and eat. It's also helpful to people who don't have any illness. It improves our health.

I can get it in Taiwan's market, and I also plant it in my house in South Korea. I can cut the leaves and send to Celine if necessary, but the best solution is to plant it at home (it grows easily) so that you can have it fresh everyday. Attached is the photo of the plant I grow at the garden of my apartment.

God bless Celine and Rene and their family. I hope everything will be alright soon!

gynura_divaricata.jpg474.27 KB

Our reason to journey from England to LA January 2015 was to see Celine dion in all her greatness and although the plane tickets and hotel is non refundable I believe Celine must do what is necessary. She has her priorities in the right place. I will try my hardest to save fast for the return of Celine once her devoted husband is well again. All the best to you Celine and fingers crossed that one day I will get to see and hear you live xXx

image.jpg163.59 KB

Dear Celine and Rene!
For so many years of your incredible career, which is captivated our hearts, we empathized, laughed, cried and pondered with you through your music, and our prayers are with you now more than ever.
Once again, you show a stunning personal example in selection of Real values in life: nothing in our complicated lives can not be more valuable than the health and happiness of our loved ones! I am truly understanding and respect your choice.
Thanks for all you did and I’m sure will do together for so many people in the world.
May God grant health, strength and patience to you. Bless you Lord!

Family always comes first and your fans will be here to support you through everything. I wish health for both you and Rene and send my love and hugs to you all. My thoughts and prayers are with you xxxxx


Celine, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. My family is at the tail end of finding out I had breast cancer in Jan of this year. I chose a completely off the beaten path treatment, where I used diet, supplements, and a "drawing salve" to pull the tumour from my breast and so far knock on wood it worked. The tumour all came out and was tested to be positive for the cancer they biopsied me with. I am sure you are doing everything you can to help Rene heal, a good immune booster is Organic "Mangosteen" it is a fruit that comes from South Asia, and if Rene drank one of the 946 ML/day it would be very good for him...I changed my whole lifestyle and diet of course. I work with a naturopath and get high dose vitamin C intravenous 2 x's week and that has really helped along with the 30 + supplements I take every day, Rene is young 72 is too young to suffer and leave you and your young family. I am praying for you all. God bless.

yours Truly,
Gloria Arnouse


Please don't apologize for inconveniencing your fans! We love you so much and respect that you want to be a wife and mother first! It does makes me sad to hear that you guys are going thru such a difficult time but please know I am praying for you and Rene and your boys. Asking Jesus for peace, comfort, health & wholeness to you. We are waiting in the wings to welcome you back whenever you can! Love you always Celine!

I also had plans to see Celine August 26th & 27th but I was waiting & prepared to reschedule but I feel terrible for Celine I've had her & Rene in my prayers for months Celine has done a tremendous job of balancing her career & family,,,now she needs to take care of herself and be there for Rene... if anyone faults her for that they aren't true fans & not human or caring people...as it stated, she has postponed indefinitely, if she needs a year or two to regroup we loving fans will be waiting for her return...
I love Celine & Rene and will continue to keep them in my heart & prayers...I have been honored and blessed to see Celine 8 times and the memories will remain with me always...she'll know when it will be the right time to return to the stage, until then she needs us fans to understand and we all do Celine...
Take care of youself & your beautiful family,Celine
Your devoted, caring & loyal fan, Always...
Lucy Arnone

My hubby bought me tix to see her show for my BIG 4-0 last week, but she canceled. Totally disappointed....YES....but my heart understands that she does have a 'real' life and her health & family (in the end) are ALL that matters! This is the right decision and my prayers go out to her and her husband! We LOVE you Celine!!

I am also Sad that she not going to sing anymore I never got to see her perform in Las Vegas
All Our Prays and Wish to Celine Dion & Rena & There Three Boys. Hope someday she will
Come back & singer once more she is awesome singer but I can understand why she want
to spend time with her Husband Rena & oldest Son Rena & Twin Boys Eddy & Nelson.

She The Best Singer Ever Diva Celine Dion Have Lot of her CD
but I would like to get Her French & Spanish Cd also.
Were going to miss her singing I never got a chance to see her perform but she is
still the best if she sing or not all my prayer to Her

I was so excited about your Asia tour and planned to go to every concert in Asia. But, Celine, you make the right decision. Hope you and Rene will recover well soon. We all pray for you and your family. Everything will be alright! God bless you all!

sage sage décision Céline tu doit être prêt de ton rené que tu aime temps et penser aussi a toi et tes enfants tu na pas a faire d excuse auprès de tes fans tu et un être humain et des-fois il faut dire stop et bon rétablissement tout les deux et les trois garçons on est la et on sera toujours pour toi et rené de loin on vs aimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


A very sad news Sad but celine's decision of choosing her family first makes me admire her more.we will wait for your come back.god bless you and your family.

Oh my gosh! This does sound serious , don't ever feel like you need to apologise to us fans for spending time with your family. I read your interview in Paris match and I cried for ages becasue you never need to apologiize To is we love and we respect your wishes . I hope you all get better and and a healthy journey through this time Of need I hope Rene recovers and beats it we a know he will he is so strong he has been through so much and so have you an he is still fighting and with your strength too and his children and everyone else that makes home stronger it gives hime energy that makes hime even more stronger. I hope you all recover heathy and safely especially Rene I love you both , and take as much of time as you need this is family and nothing becasue between family especially at this time I love you both you will be in my prayers and thoughts always Smile <3 xx love Zaynah

i love and support you forever celine

@Kel loves Celine: Exactly! We'll always love Céline for her loving and inspiring personality. She's the best person in this world! Céline, all of your fans are there to support you and we'll be waiting for you when you decide to continue your show business career!

I can't believe this. So sad now.

Even though this does make every Celine Dion fan out there very sad, it is a reason why we love her. She is human. She puts her family above everything else because that what is most important in life. Instead of disappointing fans she is inspiring us because she realizes there are things out there more important than fame. Take good care of Rene Celine, all of us fans are still here <3

-Kel Loves Celine Wink

Keep focusing in René's health and in your family's wellness, my dear Céline...
All other things can wait...
I love you!!!
Je t'aime fort!!! ♥

Alessandro Silva

I am so very sorry to read the statement today, but Celine you are doing the right thing not just for yourself and the children but above all for Rene, and as loyal fans we understand, our prayers are with you all,. You will be missed from the lime light but we'll all be waiting when you return may god bless you x

Stay strong Celine, we love you !

Tiago Fragoso

Dearest Celine,
Don't ever feel the need to apologize to your fans for taking time with your family. We will be there for you and your family always. Love you!

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"