Celine At The Premiere Of ‘Véronic Voices’

2013/07/03 3:00AM Canada (English)

As you may already know, Celine recently added the title of producer to her list of talents! On June 28, Celine and her husband René attended the premiere of impersonator Véronic DiCaire’s Las Vegas show ‘Véronic Voices’, which they co-produced. Click to see a picture of Celine, René and Véronic at the premiere. Get to know more about the talented Véronic DiCaire and catch her amazing show that pays tribute to Celine and many other artists!

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to Gilles Blais:
Wow Celeste has really got some talent I really like her voice it has something special to it Smile and let me tell u something I really hope that Celine does see this because I bet u if she does she will be blown away and say so many positive things about Celeste I really do believe she would love it and she just might go and try to pick her up like what u said! Smile
so Celine this video of Celeste is something u got to see she has a great voice and I know u would like it so please Celine check this video out!!!!! Wink

Celine, I think you are an amazing singer. Heard you years ago at the Corel Center in Ottawa, and your voice raised the hair on my body. Hope you are reading this, as you must follow this young lady from Timmins, who is well on her way. She just won 6 of 8 awards at Pop Jeunesse, and won the competition. She just came out with her original song and video which is posted on youtube. Song is called " The ghost of you and I " by Celeste Levis. Hope someone picks her up, and it would be nice if I was you and you husband.

Please have a listen to her song, and everyone else on here.


Little story about her:


Good luck! Veronic has a great voice and I will see her show one day!

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

OH MAN I want to see Veronic's show too Smile and I want to see Celine again Smile grrrrr how do u expect me to pick lol anyway I looked at the picture and both Celine and Veronic look stunning and beautiful and I also read the article and one part said that Celine was going to do the show until 2019 :0 ???? is that true??? if so then that's great but what about a world tour???? I mean don't get me wrong I love Celine's Vegas show like crazy but I've never seen Celine Live during a world tour and I want to soooo badly. I have her Celine through the eyes of the world movie and her Boston concert DVD/CD and I LOVE watching them over and over again and watching clips of Celine on youtube bending down over the stage to sign autographs and give hugs wow Celine u made me cry ur just so amazing, and she looks like she was having so much fun I wish she could do it all again so please Celine please book another world tour it would just be absolutely so amazing that's my biggest wish now next to meeting Celine in Person Laughing out loud does anyone else think that maybe Celine doing another world tour is a good idea??? because I really think so!!!!! Smile
<3 I Love you so much Celine <3