Celine in People Magazine

2014/06/06 3:00AM Canada (English)

Celine is in this week’s People magazine. Check out the photo and behind-scenes footage!

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Hello, On behalf of the majority of Celine fans:

The LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE album deserves more promotion on iTunes, Amazon, etc. The album as well as the INCREDIBLE single should be reduced in price to attract buyers!

The fans are still waiting for the LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE official music video.

INCREDIBLE should be promoted via the World Cup as well as more live appearances with Ne-Yo on programs like the ELLEN DEGENERES show.


Wow!!! What a great photo...I walked by that statue several times in the past 3 years that I've gone to see Celine...it's how I knew where I was & where I was heading to, whether it was the Colosseum, the casino,my room or where ever...I wonder if they closed it off to the public, knowing Celine probably not, it's the only way I could find the tower I was staying in...I'll never look at that statue in the same way again...lol... Celine you're Incredible!!!!! I would have loved being there during that photo shoot!!!!!

Looks like fun! I'm sure that the pictures will be amazing! Laughing out loud

magnificent and spectacular

Wow 18 feet Laughing out loud I would love to do that as well Laughing out loud it sounds like fun Laughing out loud
I think think this photo shoot will be awesome and I believe the last time Celine was lifted up like that was in 2003 during her A New Day Show... Am I right?? Smile
Any way, you look beautiful Celine and love the way you did your hair (how it's a little more poofy at the top Wink )
I love you forever Celine Laughing out loud

I love this photoschoot is amazing!
She looks so gorgeous <3 but you all know that.
Perfection. Smile

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!