Celine, Passionate About Food!

2014/08/29 3:00AM Canada (English)

Celine is just like you and me; she enjoys eating wonderful homemade meals! The art of cooking has been passed down from generation to generation not only in Celine’s family but also in René’s family. Celine shared a special recipe, given to her by her mother-in-law, Alice, in the Bless This Table cookbook. She also appeared on “Maman Dion”, a cooking show hosted by Celine’s mother Thérèse, a wonderful cook herself, on Quebec network TVA between 1999 and 2001. Do you have any traditional family recipes like Celine does? Share them with us on the CelineDion.com Forum!

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Justin, thank you very much for giving this recipe from Celine. Thanks a lot, it´ll the first one in my book


I love your idea FromSpain Laughing out loud i would love to have my very own book full of only Celine's famous food recipe's Wink WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA, I would try and make them my self though I bet it would be best made and taste a whole lot better by Celine the queen herself Laughing out loud Wink
love you forever Celine!!!!! Laughing out loud <3

OMG, I still haven't tried Céline's stuffed vine leaves recipe! I've been wanting to do that for ages! And yes, I would also love to have a Céline cookbook Laughing out loud

I would love to have Celine's cookbook in my kitchen Smile Really good idea.

@FromSpain...I agree, a Celine cookbook would be awesome!

I have a couple of things passed down but not many. Would be fun to see the different recipes from another heritage!

Yes Celine is just like me and you Laughing out loud
That HOMEMADE meals Laughing out loud

#A fan of real artist is a fan of Celine Dion

as I understood, is only one recipe from Celine in this book?

I knew that Celine cooks very well,( for this reason Rene in a good shape always)

No, seriously, I´ve already thought about - to have a wonderful book "Celine´s recipes" - it would be great for all fans, I think.

I know, Celine cooks well spagetties wiith chicken sauce - I would like to have this tasty recipe in my home book, and also Celine cooked for this Christmas the cookies for twins while Rene was in hospital - HOW MUCH I WOULD LIKE to have this recipe - please, Celine, could you share with us?

Rene, I think you have some wonderful job - firstly, recover well and after write a book with Celine about your favorite Celine and Alice´s recipes. to make all fans happy, thanks!