Celine In Paris: Additional Concert On December 4

2013/06/19 5:50PM Canada (English)

Celine is returning to Paris to celebrate the success of her latest album ‘Sans attendre’. The November 25, 26, 29, 30 and December 1 shows are completely sold-out; however, due to an overwhelming demand, Celine just added another concert date! She will perform at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy on Wednesday, December 4. Tickets for this additional show will go on sale on Monday, June 24 at 10am (CEST) on the Ticketnet website.

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Please tell me she is going to be staying at the Four Seasons again. I went to see her in concert throughout Europe in 2008 and we were both staying at the Four Seasons in Paris and I met her there and got to see the entire crew in action. It was basically the best time of my life. I will stay there again if I know she is gonna be there and of course see her in concert.


I will be in paris on dec 4th and would like to go, but I am concerned; will the set be mainly in English or France? This would make all the difference to me as I cannot buy a front row seat to listen without a single clue of what's being said.

But LOVE LOVE LOVE her music!

Man I wish I could go to Paris and see Celine again I've never been to Paris before oh well there will be other times hope they make a DVD of one of these concerts have a great time in Paris Celine
<3 Love U For Always Celine <3

Waiting excitedly, hoping to buy tickets for my husband's birthday this morning !

Moi, je ne peux plus attendre de voir ce spectacle qui devrait être magnifique....comme toujours les shows de notre Céline sont !! C'est toujours à nouveau formidable de revoir notre Céline dans quelques shows, vidéos et nouvelles photos.....et naturellement d'écouter pendant qu'elle chante avec sa voix douce et merveilleuse *____* Je suis vraiment impréssioné de la musique de Céline ♥ J'aime Céline beaucoup ♥

I have just found out as a birthday present yesterday I will be attending Celine's concert on the 25th of November 2013 in Paris, I am over the moon!!!

It says celebrating the success of her album, does anybody know if if this means she will be singing just French songs, or both French and English?

Either way I am not fussed it is just my dream come true to go see her no matter what language!!


I Love Celine Dion <3

Wow! I know that it would be a big hit and I hope that she can visit more counties for us to have a chance to watch her...

Humm...lucky Parisians. I still have a little hope that an additional concert will hit the city of Geneva or Lausanne. In our national charts "Sans attendre" stayed eleven weeks in the top 10, mostly because of the loyal Celine Fans located in the french speaking part of Switzerland. j'taime. C.

If the francophone album success, the new english album will do the same!!
Can't wait until this fall <3

HI i am Cristi from romania

I love you, ... you are the best !!!