Celine On Oprah: A Retrospective

2014/08/23 3:00AM Canada (English)

Did you know that Celine has been on The Oprah Winfrey Show more times than any other celebrity? Celine’s very first appearance on the show dates back to 1996, and since then, she has been Oprah’s guest an impressive 27 times! Click here to view a special retrospective of Celine on Oprah! Have you seen all of Celine’s appearances on the Oprah show? We’d love to know which one was your favourite!

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I've noticed that the 2010 one hasn't been on YouTube but I just found the whole interview in these 3 links on this website and I cried I've only seen this once in my life and that was a long time ago and I've forgotten pretty much the whole thing but now after seeing it again it made me cry especially when she sang a song for you , and what she said about the song before she sang it, that this is for her family and for her fans, and when she came out and surprised the Canadian tenors and sang hallelujah with them and when the two girls Lindsay and Alice spoke to Celine from the monitor it touched my heart, especially Lindsay's story... you will see what i mean when you watch it Smile this whole thing made me love you Celine even more
Celine I love you so much and god bless you I couldn't be more thankful for anything than to becoming one of your biggest fans <3 <3
only very strong words can describe how blessed I am to have you as my idol Celine, words that are way too powerful to exist Wink
this is now my most favorite Celine interview on Oprah Smile
thank you so much Celine for being such a wonderful person <3 <3

My favourite was when Celine sung 'Hallelujah' with a few male singers on Oprah. I think she sung so beautifly that she should consider recording of this song and maybe add it as a bonus track to her Christmas album 'These Are Special Times', or release it before Christmas as a single supporting the cancer charity?

Yes I remember this. It was a big deal when Oprah went off the air. They picked the right person to have on so many times!!! Great appearances! Thanks for sharing your life w/ us Celine!

thanks a lot for all this job what you´ve done. I relooked again all of them, but not 27.

Celine and Charice - the best one!


I love all of them sooooo much but these ones have to be my favorite + the one in 2002 when both Rene and RC were on with her Smile (which I can't seem to find on YouTube) Sad

2008 - all the heroes she got to meet with and her My Love performance at the end this one is my favorite Laughing out loud
2011 - when she talks about her twins her Las Vegas show and her Florida home and then her lullaby performance this one is my second favorite Laughing out loud
2007 - when she has all those surprises for her fan especially for Britney and Sarah Laughing out loud wow!!!!! Laughing out loud this one is my 3rd favorite + with her performances for A new day has come, Taking chances and Alone Laughing out loud
2004 - I haven't seen this one in a while but I remember the story about the women whose husband had cancer and had died... it was a very emotional story and I remember it making Céline cry because her husband had had cancer and now this means a lot more to me because of the return of his cancer - you and Rene continue to be in our prayers!!!!! Smile and I also love her performances for miracle and a mothers prayer Laughing out loud
1999 - when she talked about her 2 year break to be with her husband to try and have a baby and to "pick her own tomatoes" Wink and I believe she talked a little bit about Karine too <3 I love this one too Smile
I can't find the rest of it Sad
And then I also love this one Laughing out loud!!!!!!!
CELINE AND CHARICE Laughing out loud - SO AMAZING AND TOUCHING!!!!! Laughing out loud
I love you forever Céline!!!!!! Laughing out loud
<3 <3

It´s so funny - 27 times!
I think, between Oprah and Celine there is something...a great friendship. When they are together - it seems like 2 Energizer batteries. I like to see it and i always laugh.

Specially I like episode when Celine shows her house in Las Vegas to Oprah. And respiration of Oprah had been cut off by emotions about "small" Celine´s house.

TeamCeline, It would be interesting, if there is video-archives of Oprah´s show with Celine? all 27 together? I´m not sure if Youtube has all of them, Thanks


Yes and I've seen them all! I would have to say the last one in 2011 was wonderful because it showed the twins and how they chose their names. Also the episode in 2002, because this was her return and we met RC! They were all wonderful episodes but those two stand out for me Smile

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

Yes, I knew that Smile I have only seen two or three of Céline's appearances on Oprah Sad Among the ones I have seen so far, my favourite was when Céline surprised the Canadian Tenors by joining them on stage. This was hilarious! Laughing out loud