Celine One Of America’s Favourite Singers

2014/08/28 3:00AM Canada (English)

In a new poll, conducted by Harris Interactive, Americans voted for their favourite singer/musician or band and Celine came in at #7! She shares the spot with fellow music legends Neil Diamond, Garth Brooks and the Eagles. A big thank you to all the fans for your continued support!

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Celine will always №1 for me

Селин будет всегда №1 Для меня

Taking into account the vocal skills, personality and image all together, there has never been and there will not be a female singer in the US that could even compare to you and Barbra Streisand! You are both simply the best, Celine!

I totaly agree with BARB1, for me and my heart Celine is number 1, every day I drive to work listening your album "New day has come" - it gives me energy to start my new day, if I need recover my feelings I put album "My love", if i have some doughts - I look over again your interviews and I have all answers. You move me to study english and french. i don´t know another lady-singer what can move me so strong in my life. Your music several times saved me - how I cann´t love you and think that you are the best.

Celine, you are loved and blessed by God, all my family wish you the best


congratulations, but to all off your fans you are number 1. You are beautiful inside and out, stay strong and remember you are loved by all of your fans

Congrats Celine! Love ya lots! I have a feeling that you are really #1 since they couldn't ask everybody! Smile

You are truly the best Celine I love you so much!!!!! Laughing out loud I had a dream last night that you performed I surrender in Vegas and you sat down on the floor of the stage right in front of me and sang it and you sounded so amazing and looked so beautiful Laughing out loud and you also sang I'm Alive and the end of MHWGO and I think you also sang open arms Wink
I love you so much Celine and God bless both you and Rene, and your family Smile <3
And congratulations Celine for making 7 but to me and I am sure to all the rest of your fans you deserve to be #1!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud
I love you forever Celine!!!!! Laughing out loud <3 <3
And thank you sooooo much for everything <3 <3

Congrats Céline!! Laughing out loud I love you <3