Celine Nominated At The 2013 World Music Awards

2013/03/12 3:00AM Canada (English)

Celine is nominated in 4 categories at the 2013 World Music Awards: World’s Best Female Artist, World’s Best Live Act, World’s Best Entertainer of The Year and her album ‘Sans attendre’ is nominated for World’s Best Album. Celine needs your help to win so make sure you vote!

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Just voted!

Sean Leppan

Voted Wink

Celine deserves it so much! I voted and also I asked people in my Celine fan page in facebook to vote for her too. I wish Celine will win! ♥

I Love You Celine,
Neli, Bulgaria ♥

I gave my vote in all categories. Celine is still the BEST!

I love you Celine!

U got my vote in every category

voting for Celine, she'll win for sure!

I voted.Celine is the best.

Eu já votei, vou votar novamente e quantas vezes eu puder, a nossa DIVA mereçe nos dar este presentão.

Vamos-lá votem!!!

I am sweet and very friendly carinhozo with good humor nuit watching life go and live her dreams and goals always crave but only now that I'm running consegundo

I voted!!!! Céline 4ever Laughing out loud :D <3
Vote everybody!! <3 Laughing out loud

voted lets vote celine cause mariah is also nominated haha..just kiddin,Smile


i already voted...i hope she gets something....again..like what she used to be before...because she is so deserving of it!

Voted and it felt great! Hope Celine wins something!! No matter what she is at the top to me:)

-Kel Loves Celine Wink

I voted and Celine is the Best Smile vote you too!!!

Thank u Celine fans for voting for her. She diserves it all!!!! I voted for all 4 about 5 hours ago. I really really hope that she wins!!!! She's my first idle I've ever had and my only. She's changed my life in so many ways and has helped me through difficult times and I can't thank her enough. I'm only 15 years old in highs school and I feel like one of her biggest fans and my dream is to meat her some day, and have her sing the song I wrote dedicated and sent to her back in January called Because of You. It's about me going through difficult times unable to find a way out but it's because of you, Celine, that I've finally made it through. I really hope the she'll have a chance to read it I really want her to know how much she means to me!!!!!!Smile ps does any one know when her new English album will be released????

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

Really voted for Celine in 4 categories! I also asked my colleagues to vote her at WMA 2012. Did you do it?

Sans attendre received mixed-to-positive reviews from music critics, some of whom noticed that it is a tastefully restrained, personal album. The various themes in the songs include longing for a departed father, the cruelty of love, the healing power of tears, the waning days of an aging mother or the misery of a baby's death. On the commercial level, the album became a huge success. It debuted at number one in Canada and France with an impressive first week sales of almost 100,000 units in each country. Sans attendre also topped the chart in Belgium Wallonia and reached number two in Switzerland and number eight in Poland. It was certified Diamond in France, 3× Platinum in Canada, Platinum in Belgium, and Gold in Switzerland and Poland. Sans attendre has sold over one million copies worldwide, including 250,000 units in Canada and 750,000 copies in France, Belgium and Switzerland

On behalf of Viet Nam's fans. i would like to say "Thanks You" to Celine - our idol. Thanks for your dedication in World Music. And we are still love you forever.

TO Richard25 : Below links for your voting. Pls reach to the website of below links and choose Celine Dion's photo / Sans attendre album for voting. If you can not find out Celine's photo in your screen computer, please tick on "Show More" on bottom of these photos.

1. World’s Best Female Artist : http://www.worldmusicawards.com/#!worlds-best-female-artist/c9px

2. World’s Best Live Act : http://www.worldmusicawards.com/#!worlds-best-live-act/c1wvu

3. World’s Best Entertainer of The Year : http://www.worldmusicawards.com/#!worlds-best-entertainer-of-the-year/clqm

4. World’s Best Album : http://www.worldmusicawards.com/#!worlds-best-album/c1rv6

I voted!!! Celine is the very best in the World and I hope she wins in all the categories! Smile


Already voted!!! WIN WIN WIN!!!

Did my supporting duties....just voted. Hope you win them all!

Please please please vote for celine!!!!!! She is the best and diserves to win more than anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

Please friends how can i vote?...i need to vote for her. celinedion all the way!


Of course, voted in all four categories! Smile) These are like anyone else! Celine luck! Love you! <3

Voted!! Hope Celine wins 'cause she deverves this so much!!!! Smile

YeS! I already finished voting! I just hope that Celine WILL WIN!!!



Elle <3

Vote vote vote everybody!! Smile Celine HAS to win!