Celine Meets Richard Dunn

2014/07/12 3:00AM Canada (English)

Do you remember Richard Dunn’s video set to Celine’s “All By Myself”? In her response, Celine invited Richard to her show next time he was in town. Richard and his family made a trip to Las Vegas and met Celine last weekend! Click here to see photos of Celine, Richard and his family.

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Thanks Leah, Rebecca90 & rsceline for all of your replies... I have no doubt in my mind that Celine has the most loyal, caring & devoted fans in the world & she deserves them...she worked hard to get to where she is & continues to ...I've become an even better person because of Celine's influence I love the human voice a lot more than I do typing...lol So if any of you would ever like to share our experiences about Celine let me know & I will PM my phone number to you...I'm going back in August to see Celine & I'm sure I'll have a lot to talk about:) and if you have read any of my comments in the past 3 years/ trips you know some of my experiences already...Thanks again Ladies!!

I think if Celine would ever consider doing the larger meet & greet, it would be one big "Love fest"
& I think she might enyoy it as much as us...It would be a win win situation for all involved...she could take care of a lot of us in one swipe...lol & I would never ask for another one again Smile

Great idea @MsArnone! That would be cool! Hard for her to do, I'm sure, but one can always dream! I think b/c Celine lets us into her life, we want to let her in on ours! I too love connecting w/ others on this site and had the same spam problems but seems to be fixed now.

Thank you MsArnone Laughing out loud and I also love connecting with other Celine fans like you, Rebecca90 and a lot of others that I've connected with on here, Facebook, and the Celine Dion Forum Laughing out loud
and I also hope that TeamCeline can fix your problems with the spam thing as well Wink

Thank you CelineDion.com!

@MsArnone: Now they have posted a comment below, you can just click on their profile picture/name and then when you are on their profile, you click "Message Me". It's workes the same way as with every other member Smile
I hope they can fix your problems!

I still don't see where to contact them at because I have 2 problems I get the spam often especially when I try to edit my message & also EVERY time I log on I have to request a new password because it doesn't remember mine!!!!!

Thanks Rebecca where did you PM them??

We understand some members had difficulty in posting their comments on the site this morning. It has come to our attention the site was intermittently off and on which may have caused some posts to not go live. We apologize for this inconvenience and you shouldn't have any trouble in posting now.


@MsArnone: I just sent a personal message to CelineDion.com

...I think it's not a problem of the spam filter this time. During the last two hours or so, my comments seem to get lost and then they suddenly reappear after some time. Also I couldn't access the site temporarily. What could be the reason for this, TeamCeline?

Thanks Leah I love connecting with other passionate Celine fans, like myself & you're one of my favorites... I try to come to Celine's site at least once a day & I usually read fan comments...I have Celine with me all the time because she has my heart & I'm always surrounded by her CD's/DVDS,too

Rebecca or Leah...I don't see a contact us to contact team Celine... where do you click on at!!

@MsArnone: Thank you Smile And I also love the idea of the meet & greet party! Laughing out loud Even though it would be quite an effort (in time and financially as well) for me to come to America for this, but it would be SO worth it!!
And btw: I had the same problem a few months ago. My comments just wouldn't go through the spam filter anymore! I also messaged to TeamCeline and it's been working ever since.

I LOVE your idea MsArnone, to have a meet and greet party so finally many of the fans who's dream hasn't come true yet to meet Celine (including mine) would finally come true!!!!! Laughing out loud this would be AMAZING and I pray Celine will one day decide to do this!!!!! Laughing out loud
and about the spam thing, the same thing was happening to me, but I messaged to team Celine about it and they fixed it for me right away so if you're still having that problem I would let TeamCeline know Smile

It's frustrating when my comments on here go to spam!!!!!!

Beautifully stated rsceline... I am happy for them also... I don't like feeling jealous or envious of others but I would be untruthfull if I didn't admit to being envious... I think Celine should have a huge meet & greet party, charge a fair price & give the money to her Charity of choice!!! Come on Celine, we all love you & would love the opportunity to tell you face to face how much you mean to us & how you have affected our lives in such a wonderful way...like rsceline said... a chance to share our hearts with you!!

I think it's awesome Celine met him and his family! Really cool and happy for him! Definitely very envious tho!! Meeting her is a dream of mine as well!! I have no idea how to get a meet-n-greet w/ her either but one day I hope I find a way! My kids would love it too and to just be able to share my heart w/ her for a moment...no words could explain!! I understand there are probably millions who feel the same way and there is only one of her, but I'm praying some how, my dream comes to pass. Blessings Celine!

Thanks Rebecca90...I still can't believe it!! I like reading your comments ... I love connecting with other Celine fans too... that's why I come here...it's hard to find a Celine fan that doesn't have a kind & caring heart Smile Celine brings out the best in me & many others...
I also just read why you're a fan, and i swear I was reading my own words...I loved it because I feel EXACTLY the same way word for word...I could have written that!!!

@MsArnone: Sometimes it's a small world! I love your story Smile

I don't even know the proper way to get a meet & greet ...it seems most of the time the meet & greets are termiinally ill people or celebrity's and I'm not either of those but in this case it's not but to add something else to this wonderful story, on Thurs July 3rd I went next door to my neighbors to ask her something and she asked me if I'd seen the video of the guy stuck at the airport lip sycing "All by myself' by Celine ( she knows I'm a Celine fan) and I said yes I've seen parts of it a couple of times on TV...well she said that she knew Richards wife & her mom from school & church!!!! and that they were out in Vegas as we speak...I could hardly believe it!!!

Now I ask anyone... What are the odds of this: A guy stuck at the airport in Vegas, who lives in Georgia, knows my next door neighbor ( she is originally from Georgia) now living in Kansas City of knowing the Dunns?..remarkable!!!
Does anyone know how to get a meet & greet...I'm not going to run up & down in the airport naked because it wouldn't be pretty...LOL...but I'm not giving up on my dream either to meet Celine but most likely I'll die trying...
Good thing they didn't have tickets for the Saturday night the 5th (Celine had to cancel) or he would have had to do a sequel for missing the show...but luckly they were at the show on the 4th

This guy is so lucky...many of us have to try for ages before they can meet Céline, if they can meet her at all - and this guy just makes a video because he is bored by staying alone at the airport and gets to meet her a few weeks later!? Crazy... Shock

I always love seeing pics of Celine meeting the public and fans.

omg I love the pictures Laughing out loud and I think I know what to do now if ever I get stuck at the Las Vegas air port alone Wink
the picture of just Celine and the baby is so cute, its probably my favorite!!!!! Laughing out loud
though I love them all and Celine looks so beautiful in each of them!!!!! Laughing out loud
and I love the video as well Wink

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