Celine in Las Vegas – Exclusive TeamCeline Ticket Pre-Sale Starts Today At 10AM (PT)!

2013/06/25 3:00AM Canada (English)

Tickets for Celine’s Las Vegas show from December 30, 2013 to March 19, 2014 will go on sale to the general public on Friday, June 28. TeamCeline members have an exceptional advantage; you have the opportunity to purchase tickets, ahead of the general public. For details on how to purchase tickets during the TeamCeline ticket pre-sale, log into your TeamCeline account and go to your ‘My Account’ page. From there, click on the ‘Vegas Tickets’ tab.

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I love Celine a lot and yeah maybe there are some songs that she tends to sing over and over again like my heart will go on because u loved me the power of love it's all coming back to me now and maybe a few others but to me I don't think it's annoying, nor boring. If you watched Celine when she was on Katie Back in April Celine had said so herself that she can't believe she's singing that same song again, but then she said once she hears the song start and she hears the crowd chear and cry she thinks to her self "did someone in that audience loose someone and this song I'm about to sing was that persons favorite song or did someone in the audience get married and they used this song I'm about to sing" she does it for her fans because she loves them so much and she knows that they like those songs and that's why she keeps doing it. Though it would be nice to hear her sing some of her other hits or her non hit songs but honestly to me that's something I would NOT complain about because overall I LOVE to hear Celine's voice no matter which song she sings so if she ends up singing the exact same song over and over again for years to come I wouldn't mind just as long as Celine keeps singing Wink I will respect whatever you choose to do!
<3 I love you so much Celine and keep up the amazing work <3 Laughing out loud!!!!!

Instructions for purchasing tickets on AXS during the TeamCeline Tickets Pre-sale

  • Go to the AXS website. Click on ‘View All’ for shows from December 30, 2013 to March 19, 2014. Then select the date of the show that you wish to attend and click on the 'More Info' button found next to the date.
  • In the ‘TeamCeline Fan Club Presale' section, click on 'Buy Offer'.
  • You will be asked to enter your PIN code (To get your pin code, log in to TeamCeline, click on 'My Account' and go to the ‘Vegas Tickets’ tab). Depending on website traffic, you may be taken to a “waiting area”.
  • You're almost there. Reselect your desired show date on the calendar and select the number of tickets you want to purchase. Select the price level or the seat section. Available sections are highlighted on the seating map.
  • Click the ‘Find Tickets' button.
  • If you are happy with the selection, complete your purchase by clicking on the ‘Next’ button or try searching for new tickets by clicking on ‘Search Again’.

you have got to get your tickets for this show everyone it is the best performance you will ever see in your life and for those who don't know she walks down the aisle on the right side of section 3 if you are facing the audience from the stage! I asked one of the people who work at the colosseum, when I went on the 19 of June just last week, which row it is she walked down and they said she always walks down that same aisle every time (the one I just mentioned)! Smile have a great time in Vegas Smile!!!!!
<3 I love you for always Celine <3