Celine On The Jonathan Ross Show

2013/11/09 4:00AM Canada (English)

Watch Celine on British television ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ tonight at 9:50pm (GMT), on ITV. She’ll talk about her new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, now available at The Boutique.

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Is there a problem with Celine talking about my heart will go on, her Vegas Show, and what ever else you said???? Because I don't see anything with that! I love it when she talks about her MHWGO story her vegas show I love every thing she talks about her stories and conversations are always the best plus her personality makes it even better Laughing out loud and to me non of it ever gets old and it never will Smile
And I LOVE it when she does her vocal warm ups it is so hilarious Laughing out loud!!!!!
Your the best Celine by far Laughing out loud!!!!!
Love you forever Smile

Loved her sense of humour. She is gorgeous and her voice is beautiful. Can't wait too hear her sing on the X Factor. Put them all to shame...... loving her new album, my favourite song of all time is
I LOVE YOU....... Always play it. If you don;t know that one from way back when. Listen to it. Awesome lyrics and beautiful melody.


What a fantastic move by Celine's team to have her on The Jonathan Ross.....Celine was so funny,people here in the UK are tweeting and saying how they didn't know she was so funny and what a great guest she was,Celine is trending at the moment,some people saying that they didn't know what a great personality she was....Jonathan was great too,this is the kind of publicity needed here in the UK as Jonathan is one of our top chat show hosts....please take Jonathan up on his offer to sing on his show.....people take notice of Jonathan Ross,Alan Carr shows here in UK.....once again I'd like to say...Celine was fab!!

"Je Cherche l'Ombre"

If you missed Celine on Jonathan Ross, don't think you missed anything new. As usually she talked about her Las Vegas show, "My Heart Will Go On" story and selling her house. At the end she presented a little bit of her voice coach.
Smile Smile Smile

Looking forward to it! Waited in the pouring rain and thunder yesterday for 6 hours to get into the pre-recorded XFactor UK performance..but it was so worth it! Smile Not a long performance, but just a taster & Celine, you were incredible! Praying that you do some shows in the UK sometime soon. Smile The UK loves you Celine!

Please Celine releaese music videos for Loved Me Back To Life Somebody Loves Somebody Incredible and Breakaway Smile every single one of your new songs HAVE AMAZING POTENTIALS OF BECOMING #1 HITS Laughing out loud!!!!! BUT THESE 4 DO ESPECIALLY Laughing out loud please Celine Smile
We all love you so much Celine Wink!!!!!

Can't wait! Hope she will perform "Somebody Loves Somebody" this evening, instead of "Loved Me Back To Life". Only "Somebody Loves Somebody" has such potential to become Celine's another no. 1 international hit, so ... please record a music video and focus on promoting "Somebody Loves Somebody" right now! No one listened to me when I suggested that "Qui peut vivre sans amour?" does not have any potential to become a hit and "Les jours comme ça" should be the next single from "Sans Attendre". And now there is only 490 000 views of "Qui peut vivre sans amour?" on YouTube ... after six months. 'Great' choice, 'great' result! It is worth to look at such things without blinkers simply because not every song can be a hit, even if sung by our amazing Celine.