Celine Invited On X Factor UK

2013/11/04 4:00AM Canada (English)

Don’t miss Celine’s appearance on British television show X Factor broadcast on ITV on November 10 at 8pm. Celine will perform "Loved Me Back To Life", title track from her new album, available for pre-order at The Boutique.

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Can you please do the original arrangement for Loved Me back to Life like you did in une Seule fois?
I must say that I less impressed about the current arrangement for live version like you did on The View last time Sad sorry.

Finally, Celine will perform in the UK! Can't wait!!! Smile Smile Smile

Please Celine PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a music video for Loved Me Back To Life Laughing out loud!!!!! We are all dying to see one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile
And I would also love to see a music video for break away incredible and somebody loves somebody sometime but at least for right now do one for Loved Me Back To Life Smile

I cant wait to see her on friday on x factor and march again in las vegas

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I am waaaay too excited for her new album I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it's finally tomorrow Laughing out loud I can't wait to get my Loved me back to life CD the Vinyl version in the mail and then download the album on iTunes and listen to it all day tomorrow Laughing out loud and then I'm gonna buy the Deluxe CD version so I can have Lullaby and How Do You Keep The Music Playing Smile Will the Deluxe version be on iTunes by tomorrow too because I want to have lullaby How Do You Keep The Music Playing on my iPod as well Smile!!!!!!
And Celine have a fantastic time in the UK Smile bring back some AMAZING pictures to share with us Wink!!!!!!
I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED Laughing out loud!!!!!!!

X Factor is a huge success in UK. In the US X Factor isn't that popular.

Will Céline be at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam November 10th? Would be a great promotion for all over Europe!!!

Team Céline, will you please pronounce some information about the concerts in Antwerp and Paris just like you did for the show in Québec? I'm dying to know whether she'll bring her orchestra with her for example. Or if she will perform any songs from Loved me back to life? I really do hope so, the songs are soooooo Incredibleeeee!