Celine Interview In Woman’s Weekly

2013/12/11 4:00AM Canada (English)

Celine recently gave an interview to UK’s Woman’s Weekly magazine. Want to know how Celine celebrates Christmas? What are her core values? What is she most proud of regarding her new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’? Read Celine’s answers to these questions and more!

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It's incredible interview.
Celine is extraordinary women, warmest, the best human being.
Amazing, amazing, amazing!

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Celine, for as busy as you are, I have to say(and I don't know if you ever have time to read any of your messages on here) that when I first came to see you in Vegas back in April 2011 and one of your employees took my copy of your autobiography "My Story My Dream" and it was mailed back to me in June 2011with your autograph to me, I have to say being a big fan, I wasn't surprised you took the time to sign it) I still don't know how you found the time but it showed me how thoughtful you are above all other artist...no one can convince me that any other artist would have taken the time to sign anything!!!!! You are the greatest, no one else compares...Thank you for the amazing person you are!!!!!
Your Loyal & Devoted fan

From Spain and Biro Timon I sent you a message Smile

Hi, Leah-M_ILuvUCelineD... I did my bit, I voted for Céline in all for categories! Let's hope she'll win it all!!!! Laughing out loud And for you: I watched your videos and I really enjoyed them all!!! Very well done!!! Thank you!!!!!

Hey, Leah-M_ILuvUCelineD... thank you for reminding,
how can I help Celine? Where I need put my votes for Celine? I never did it before for anybody, but For Celine I will do the best what I can - she deserves it !!!

P.S. Thank you very much for your videos on youtube, it s great job, it´s perfect!!! I´ve looked today
Thank you very much!

Hey everyone Celine has been nominated in the 2013 world music awards in 4 categories (best female artist, best album (sans attendre), best live act, and best entertainer) and I wish for nothing more in my life right now for Celine to win in all 4 of these categories and I bet you feel the same way!! so please vote for Celine help me spread this news let as many people as you can know about this and get them to vote for Celine!!! and hurry the awards are held on the 20th!!!!
I am dying to hear Celine's name get called for winning these awards!!! I will cry for her!! wont you??
Thank You Smile!!!!
this news is also posted in the forum under Official Announcements!! Smile

Amazing interview and I love how she and her family had Christmas dinner in October lol I love you Celine Wink!!!!
And btw don't forget everyone to vote for Celine for the World Music Awards which is coming up I believe on the twentieth and Team Celine if you could could you give us more details about it??cuz that would be awesome Laughing out loud!!!!
Thank You Smile!!

Celine told: " For me Christmas is getting too commercial. I don’t go to Christmas parties or do any big celebrating any more. " - I totaly agree. How simple person Celine is !

"My voice is more raw and natural on this album, it’s sometimes more raspy and you can really hear the emotion. Singing is one thing but to make people hear your soul is more complex..." - it´s your maturity, Celine!

Now not your voice will speak with us, but your wisdom and deep feelings of your heart. Thank you, Celine!

After reading this interview, I love Celine even more than I did, if it's possible! Smile
She's truly my idol in every way<3