Celine Interview In Toronto Star

2014/01/31 4:00AM Canada (English)

In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Celine talks about spirituality, Las Vegas and her musical influences.

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I must say, that I love you Celine. But it is very very sad when there is no understanding between you and the church. I wish you to find your church, when I say church, I mean to find people, who are speaking about God. I wanted to tell this earlier, but for a long time I was afraid to tell people my thoughts, but now I feel free myself to tell what I think)))

Alena Flying

Dion foi excelente em suas respostas, Deus dava à ela as palavras certas. Amei a entrevista, sucesso sempre pra ti Celine!!!

I have been blessed to see Celine 8 times and will be seeing her this year again & I really enjoy reading the comments from young teens on here on how much they look up to and love Celine...It's so refreshing and wonderful that you've chosen Celine over some of the artist closer to your age I'm sure Celine is aware of this and I hope from time to time she reads some of the comments on her web site My heart says she does & that she makes time to read them occasionally...You are all a new generation of Celine fans that will pass on her music when you have children...Celine's legacy will live on forever...she's just that great...I love you Celine!!!!!

Great interview! great words! You are an amazing person, Celine! I hope to see you one day in Las Vegas and Barcelona! It's my dream!


Gaudeix del moment!

Extraordinary! <3
If this could be possible, I love her more every day! Wink

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

I can't wait to watch this interview! Smile
Celine you're my idol and I thank you for opening up a lot, cause
this way young peole like me can look up to you, know your ideas and share them.
I love you <3


I'm a fan because your a true inspiration you've been through a lot then and now and your story from when you were a child is so touching I've been through a lot but you've gave good advice , words of wisdom . your song "thank you" is like I'm saying it it to you because even though you haven't met me you cared when no one has you were there when no one was, you made me believe in myself and to follow my dreams because I gave up at my dreams at one point but your words "if you follow your dream ,you follow your heart and if you follow your heart nothing can go wrong" those words gave me so much confidence and faith to never give up and keep on trying at my dream those words gave me faith and I want to become singer hopefully as successful as you I like singing because I can express feelings with songs and you do because every time you sing you mean every words and you song mean so much to me like "at seventeen" the words in that song you feel and I feel because we feel the same lyrics in that song is just what I thought and said before I heard you and what you had to say you gave me faith to beleive in myself you mean the world to me and so does Renée I love you celine so much there's not enough words to discribe how much I do. You gave me so much faith like you would never beleive and hopefully one day I can meet my true hero ... YOU ❤. From Z***** UK my birthday is 18 day before yours and I'll be the same age as René-Charles 2014 , I would love an autograph if you could just send me one and just know how I truley felt about your songs and your personality and to know how much an autograph would mean to me ❤

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

Celine I love you you are the best!! And like I've said many times I love your interviews Laughing out loud I love how your always so open with what you believe in and I love how you mentioned that your belief in God is through life through your self through the birds the air your children sunrise sunset etc... I dont think ive ever heard anyone put it in this way before and I think it's really neat Laughing out loud
My family and I grew up as Christians (Lutherans) but my belief in God has gotten so much stronger because of you Celine through your music through all the things you've said in interviews and etc... You've motivated me to do so many incredible things but my belief in God is now my strongest thanks to you Celine!! thank you so much Celine for bringing me closer Smile and from the things you've mentioned about your Vegas show how your previous show A new day was more theatrical and how your new show (which I saw back in June 2013 on the 19) is more personal and close to the fans and who cares if the songs you sing arnt officially your songs to me that doesn't matter all that matters is that its you that's singing and that your having a wonderful time doing what you love and that's what I enjoy the most from you Laughing out loud I love the songs you sing in Vegas my favorites have to be open arms lullaby how do you keep the music playing at seventeen ne me quitte pas and live and let die and of course all the songs that are officially yours Smile especially my heart will go on and now loved me back to life Smile
I love you so much Celine Smile