Celine Interview On TF1

2013/10/27 3:00AM Canada (English)

Last Wednesday during the 8pm newscast, French channel TF1 broadcast an interview with Celine conducted earlier this month while she was in Florida promoting her new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’. Watch the entire interview below. You can also watch Celine answer questions from by internet users here.

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Celine looks absolutely beautiful in this interview and I can't get over it Smile!!!!!
Here is a picture below of Celine from this interview! She is just so naturally beautiful I hope when I'm her age I look just as beautiful as she does now!!!!!! Smile
Love you forever Celine Laughing out loud!!!!'

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I wish I understood French too...
In fact I really want to learn it!
But I have to hurry up if I want to understand what Celine says in her Paris concert! Smile

Wow Celine you are absolutely beautiful but I wish I understood what you were saying!
I am taking french class this yr and acing all my tests but this is only the beginning of the 2nd quarter of French 1 (my first year) so he hasn't taught us that much yet Sad I want to understand Celine when she is speaking in french and I want to understand the meanings of her french songs when she sings them without having to look up the translation! And that is why I am taking french and that shows how much I love you Celine and I know I'm not the only one who does this Smile!!!!!
And your name has appeared several times on several of my homework papers and tests btw Laughing out loud!!!!!