Celine Interview With Larry King: Ask Your Questions

2013/09/07 3:00AM Canada (English)

Larry King needs your help with his upcoming interview with Celine! After announcing her new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, Celine will be a guest of the Larry King Now show on Hulu, next week. If there’s anything you’ve been dreaming of asking Celine then tweet your questions to Larry King!

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It could be wonderful!

Wow I have so many questions to ask her I can't even think of any at the moment!!!!! What day will she be on Larry King and what time?????

What is your advice to a 16 years old girl who wants to be a singer like you?



What is it like to balance your careers in English and French? Is a bilingual career frustrating at times because you have to release two albums of new songs every few years, rather than just one?

The fact that Celine was the 14th child and her mom didn't want to have another baby, her last 2 kids before Celine were 6year old twins and that Celine was hit by a car when she was 2yrs old and also that she didn't speak English... if she hadn't learned English we would have never heard of Celine,,,theres more... when she first heard "My heart will go on" she didn't like the song and she didn't want to sing it...this is all so amazing to me...even though I was raised Catholic I don't participate in my faith I will say this...God had huge plans for Celine...because what she does better than anyone else is that she spreads love, happiness and pure joy around the world...

PS I'm still on my Celine high I just saw her August 27th & August 28th and I reached out and she took my hand both nights!!!and then to return home and see her on Jimmy Kimmel...it made me cry tears of joy...all of us fans have been waiting for so long for the new album but the added bonus is she is out promoting it which means will be seeing more of her on tv being interviewed & singing...I love this... these are exciting times for us Celine fans...I love it all but most of all I love Celine!!!!
I would love to interview her...lol

First question I have is when she sang at her brother Michel's wedding reception when she was only 5 did anyone record her? That would be fun to hear
And second I was surprised about you selling your Florida home because I know you had scheduled you shows around RC's school so why are you selling it?

My questions are:

Aren't you tired of Las Vegas show?

Aren't you tired of singing the same songs over and over again?

Wouldn't you like to go on tour?

Wouldn't you like to change the setlist and sing other songs?


It has been a life long dream to see you in concert, and I finally did this past March in Las Vegas. I loved the show! With the release of the new album, will you be doing a North American tour after you finish up in Las Vegas in March 2014? You are a true idol for me, I love your music and I have all your albums, the new one is one pre-order, but best of luck to you Celine!

Sherri Wallin

What was the last thing you bought?

Elle <3

@ LouAnn Brown
I don't know if my thoughts would give you any hope and peace, but I promise you I will pray for him ...

Dear Mr.King:

Please ask Celine if she would pray for my son, Micah, age 20, who is totally caught up in the drug scene...what scares me, is he uses Heroin off and on; and we have almost lost him twice, due to this drug causing his respiratory system to begin to shut down...just to know that she has even thought about him for a few minutes would give me so much hope and peace...I know that "there is only ONE, who can remove this obsession, and that ONE is GOD; but I also know that God uses each of us to help our brothers and sisters...I believe that Celine is a very spiritual and God-Conscious woman, and I know that no one else has touched my soul the way she has, with the songs she sings and the heart that projects her spirit as she is singing...her music has given me strength that I have not found anywhere else....please tell her, "Thank You", and God Bless her and her family...large and small.

Thank you for you consideration,

LouAnn Brown
(315) 572-6676

Much love, LouAnn...Smile

Céline,your brazilian fans want to know,when you´ll come to Brazil? Paul Mccartney,Madonna,Cyndi Lauper and others were here in Brazil.Please come to Brazil and don´t use the record company as an excuse ( laugh). On t´aime Céline!

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How weird was it from starting out being the youngest out of 14 and didn't have a lot of money, to an international superstar with millions of fans and a loving family of your own?

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Celine saved my life <3