Celine Interview With Katie Couric

2013/04/20 3:00AM Canada (English)

Reporter and television personality Katie Couric will be dedicating an episode of her daytime show ‘Katie!’ to Las Vegas. Katie visited the city of Las Vegas and met with Celine for an interview. Katie also met with Veronic DiCaire, who will be debuting her first Las Vegas show, co-produced by Celine! Make sure you catch this episode, which will air on the ABC network on Thursday, April 25. Check your local listings for details.

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It's tomorrow, I really want to watch Smile

I won't miss it!

I like Katie Couric, she's such a nice person.
I'll try to watch! xxx

Can't wait to see this interview so axious to know what she's going to talk about!!!!!! Btw if there's any one out there that lives in Delaware Ohio can u please tell me what time it comes on!!!!Smile thank you

Luv u forever Celine!!!!!Smile

Je T'aime Pour Toujour Celine
I Love You For Always Celine Smile!!!!!

Can't wait to watch tis interview! <3 Love you Celine<3

AWESOME *___* I won't miss this Interview, which will be amazing as every interview with our dearest Céline Dion ♥♥♥