Celine Interview On CBS This Morning

2013/12/20 4:00AM Canada (English)
Celine gave an interview to CBS This Morning during the taping of the ‘A Home For The Holidays’ television special. She talked about her charity work, her family and her latest album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’.

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Hello yes very wonderful interview may i ask you if you know how can i send Celine dion my lyrics ?

I cannot stop watching this it is one of Celine's most touching interviews ever!!! it made me cry!!!!
I don't think I know anyone with a bigger heart then you Celine nothing you do is ever fake everything is real!!!! everything you say and do comes from the heart and we can she it in your eyes and through your expressions and we can hear it in your voice!!! you are just such a down to earth person and there is no one who has ever and will ever be like you!!!! your Gods gift to all of us Celine and I'm so thankful to have become one of your biggest fans ever!!! thank you so much Celine for everything I love you so much Smile!!!!!
this is my favorite version ever of Celine singing because you loved me it makes me cry!!

Definitely unbelievable interview.
I haven't words to describe it- so touching.
Amazing women, wonderful artist.
She is a diva but she is like a normal human being.
I love her, i have extraordinary respect to her.

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!