Celine Featured On A Canadian Movie Soundtrack

2013/10/17 3:00AM Canada (English)

Did you know that “Pour que tu m’aimes encore”, from Celine’s successful 1995 ‘D’eux’ album, was featured on the soundtrack of a limited-release Canadian movie called ‘Laurence Anyways’? The song, written and composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman, became a major hit for Celine and won several awards in 1996 including a Félix award for Song of the Year and a Victoires de la musique award for Best Song of the Year. Rediscover this wonderful classic below!

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The only francophone song I ever listened to


hey celine fans, listen to this new track from her upcoming album Wink enjoooooooooooooy

Today is my birthday!!!!! Laughing out loud I'm 16 Smile I wish Celine could sing happy birthday to me that will be the best birthday present anyone could ever receive Smile!!!!!
Love you so much Celine Smile!!!!!

You didn't mention Xavier Dolan, he's gonna sue you hahaha !