Celine On Extra TV

2013/12/21 4:00AM Canada (English)

Watch Celine talk about her marriage and adoption on Extra TV.

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I'd really like more live sessions of the new songs... or even old songs not much played in the past...

I've gotten bored of all these interviews, it's always the same things over and over again!

is this going to be the contents of all the interviews for the next 5 years????!!! We've seen it before!

You people just need to watch one interview over the last 5 months, and it's ok, u'll know everything that's been said over and over again ever since.

I love Celine, I love her music, and I love the interviews she gives, but let's just not bore people with the same stuff.


tell us more about the next album, next collaborations, tours, etc.

Celine your love for Children is incredible its unbeatable!!!!! I love it when you talk about your husband and kids and how your love for them all just keeps getter better and better!!!! and I think it is amazing how you and René after 19 years are still together and still love each other the way you do!! incredible Celine!!!! I thought it was adorable when you said: "there's no secret it gets better and better. its like there's different stages of love. when you have a new born the love is so delicate and then they start talking and your like oh my God it gets better and then they start walking and then they start telling you where it hurts and what's going on and what's wrong and they start sharing things with you it grows its the same thing with love it grows it evolves and it changes. its the best"
I love you Celine your worlds are so true and it all comes from the heart!!!!!
your the best Celine and God Bless You!!!!! Smile
I loved a home for the holiday by the way it toughed my heart and with you being the host it just made the special even better!! you made it the best it could ever be because of the person you are and of your INCREDIBLE voice and my prayers are with all those children and for those who still need a home and for someone to love them!!
God Bless Smile

Of course, great interview, as always funny,
especially about singing in the bathroom Laughing out loud
It's amazing. I love when she joking. ♥
And when he talks about his family, husband, sons brings me to tears.
An extraordinary woman... ♥

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!