Celine On Extra

2013/09/08 3:00AM Canada (English)

Don’t miss Celine’s appearance on American television show Extra tomorrow where she’ll discuss her upcoming album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’. Check your local listings for details.

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Dear members,

Celine's interview will air on Extra tonight.


Where was Celine I only saw her on Access Hollywood!

Watched the entire episode. Did not see Celine anywhere in it Sad

Awesome!!!! I want to see you again!
Love you sooo much!

I love you so much Celine and I cannot wait to see you in your interviews Laughing out loud!!!!!
You are the best Wink!!!!!

Wow I'm so happy!
The performance at the Jimmy Kimmel show was stunning !!!!
Can't wait<3

can't wait.



Elle <3

I think this is good news, lots of promoting with a song that has soooo much potential! <3 I'm sure I'm with EVERY fan when I ask TeamCeline if there will be a lyric video or at least a date for the music video? We would all love this information, especially since lyric videos are so helpful these days with some songs popularity. Thanks.

I`ve seen the video,where Celine`s meeting her fans and signing autographs in Hollywood <3 <3 Thats so sweet and cute <3 I wish I could have Celine`s autograph on her poster <3 <3 I know my dream will come true

Many Kisses From Georgia

Love you,love you Celine so much.. Your fans in little country called Georgia, are looking forward to seeing you on TV shows. <3 <3 Adore you,you are my everything <3

Many Kisses From Georgia

I love seeing Celine all the way this week, love you so much.
This Monday, Celine will appear on The Today Show, Access Hollywood, Extra and Larry King Now