Celine Discusses ‘Loved Me Back To Life’

2013/09/01 3:00AM Canada (English)

Celine’s eagerly awaited new album will be released in November. She told Billboard magazine that fans can expect a very different album this time. Read what Celine had to say about her new English-language album here.

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Looking forward to get this album in my hand Laughing out loud

Wow what a powerful song I've been watching her perform this live on YouTube and the album version sounds wonderful I can't wait...... November 5, We love you Celine keep up the good work I'm a fan for life!!!

"Finally, the new Celine album is on its way," is what I keep telling myself, but what troubles me the most is the fact there will be a number of new songs. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy we're getting this album, however seeing songs like "Didn't know love", "Overjoyed", "How do you keep the music playing", "Lullaby", etc. doesn't really get my hopes up. Maybe my expectations are a bit high, still I wanted it to showcase brand new tracks, not covers which go in the opposite direction of the new songs.

But, that's just my view of things. And what's also interesting is that most of her songs were written /produced by people she hadn't worked with before, except D. Warren, E. Kiriakou.

Here's to Celine's new album! May it cross some new boundries!

Waiting in anticipation for the album!
The clips of songs I've heard so far (Water and a Flame, Loved Me Back To Life) are sounding awesome! And 'At Seventeen' reminds me of my times at school, really emotional! Would love to see these songs performed live in the future.... keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck with the album Celine! Hope it does amazingly well Smile


oh, God.. it's so exciting! <3 so different but still in your own style!!

i love this song so so much blew me away when i first heard it. i just got back from her show in vegas and i tell ya celine still has it she will always be number one ALWAYS. she is a true artist unlike many on the newer generation sometimes i wonder do they even know what they are singing. celine had emotion compassion commitment determination is focused and driven. if radios dont play this song loved me back to life by god i will be very very annoyed. we love you celine xxx..

It will be different from all her previous work.
After I listened to Loved Me Back To Life, I already love this new sound.
OMG Celine I can't wait Laughing out loud

I'm so excited for the new single!!!!!!! Can't wait for the album!!!!!!


After listening to "Loved Me Back To Life", "At Seventeen", "Water And A Flame" and "Unfinished Songs" I'm pretty sure this new studio album will be much better than "Taking Chances" from 2007 that I didn't really enjoy (except three great songs... "Alone", "My Love" and "Eyes on Me").
I feel there is something special about "Loved Me Back To Life" as now Celine's voice sounds more intimate... again!

Love the cover art! Celine looks incredible! I'm so excited for this song! Not to mention the album!

Can't wait for the new single!!!! Loved me back to life is an AMAZING song!!! And also can't wait for the album!!! Love you Celineee !!!

Dear team celine:
I was just wondering if there will be a music video for loved me back to life and if so when will it be released and would it be on iTune too????

By the way, is that an cover art for the album or the single?

Yas can't wait!!! I miss to watch Celine on my television Laughing out loud
Can't wait for the single too!!
Will download it on iTunes

The cover artwork is STUNNING ! Amazing picture. I really can't wait to have that new album in my hands !!!!! Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

I can't even wait till tuesday for the single. That Loved Me Back To Life song is amazing !!!!!! I'm so proud to be a Celine fan right now !!!!

Yes!!!! I'm so excited its not even funny!!!!!
1. Her new single will be released on iTunes September 3rd (I'm buying it first thing in the morning before I go to school so I can tune out all my teachers with what is now my 3rd favorite Celine song and with my most favorite person in the world!)
2. She's going to be on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE on September 6th to sing Loved me back to life ( I'm so watching that + recording it on my DVR that I will be getting some time before friday mainly to record all of Celine's tv appearances Smile)
3. I believe She's going to be on Ellen on September 11th am I right? (If so than i hope and pray that my volley ball practice is cancelled other wise ill just have to record it on my DVR and watch it when I get home!)
4. I'm so anxious to see Celine on TV talking about her family her life her new album what's going on in her life etc..... (One of the things I love the most about Celine is that she has been an open book all her life! Celine is the only star I know who never keeps anything inside she's always sharing everything! and you know something, that is what's happening with this world people are keeping so many things inside and not expressing them and that's what hurts them thank you Celine for teaching me how to share everything and not keep ut all bundled up inside! Smile
5. I'm just so happy all together for Celine her family an the people she works with (whom she calls her 2nd family) for working so hard since day one you have Come so far Celine with the worlds biggest and best career! Celine you are proof that you DON'T need drugs plastic surgery suguretts parties etc... To be the worlds biggest star because you are the worlds biggest star and you havnt done any of those bad things I just listed - you havnt done any bad things all! and that is one of a million reasons why I love you so much!
I love you so much Celine you are no doubt the best Smile!!!!!
Je t'Aime Celine Wink!!!!!

I am looking forward to hearing Celine's new album! It's a relief to know Celine has transformed (she wanted it) her voice on "Water and a flame" using smoking tone. The first time I have heard it, I believed that she had the voice a bit "hoarsely".

I love the new cover! It doesn't show corny songs (in France I read a lot of critics which say that Celine is out-of-date) but a young Celine still "fashionable"! I am sure that it will be successful and one of her best english albums.