Celine Dion Weekend on Musimax

2013/07/26 3:00AM Canada (English)

Quebec TV station Musimax is celebrating Celine’s show in Quebec City with a special Celine Dion weekend!. It starts this afternoon at 5 pm (ET) with ‘Céline Dion: loyauté et fraternité en tournée’, a documentary about Celine’s Taking Chances World Tour. The celebration continues tomorrow at 3 pm (ET) with ‘Les années: Céline Dion’ followed by ‘L’index québecois’ where music experts, critics and journalist explain the Celine phenomenon through 10 songs that marked her career. At 4:30 pm (ET) watch ‘Sosie de star : Celine Dion’ followed by ‘Cliptographie’ which shows the evolution of Celine’s career through her videos. If you’re not at Celine’s concert on the Plains of Abraham on Saturday, you can still have a Celine weekend!

Comments for this News article

yes someone please tell us if there is anyway people everywhere from around the world can watch the concert live on tv please!!!!! we are all begging on our knees here!!!! why not just broadcast it live around the world like they do for the music awards or the golden globe awards etc... Smile

but we would prefer to watch the concert! Is there gonna be a live stream or at least somewhere on TV? Please tell us! People from around the world would like to watch it and not everyone can go to Quebec!

but for those in non French speaking parts of this world like the U.S.A which is where I live cant watch any of that because we don't have French tv channels!! Sad :( or can we??? please if there is anyway that people from the U.S.A can watch these PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me I will give anything to do so!!!!!!!!!!! and please make a DVD of Celine's concert and also put these tv specials that team Celine listed above on the DVD too. it would REALLY mean a lot to those like me who are not able to see any of it!
so please someone one anyone please tell me if those in the U.S.A have anyway of watching these French specials on tv too!!!!! and maybe the concert too!!!!!
thank you

Can we watch/listen Celine’s concert on the Plains of Abraham somewhere? On Rytme FM maybe?