Celine Dion Foundation Merchandise At The Boutique

2014/07/13 3:00AM Canada (English)

In 1999, Celine established the Celine Dion Foundation, which supports various charitable organizations and medical foundations. New items featuring the Foundation logo are now available at The Boutique. Get the elegant mug or the charming bracelet and help families in need. Proceeds from the sale of items in this department will go to the Celine Dion Foundation. On Celine’s behalf we thank you for your help in supporting the Foundation!

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Nice mugs! In style Smile

I Just ordered my Celine Dion Foundation bracelet and mug and am very proud I could help donate the money to those in need Laughing out loud it will be my 3rd Celine cup and my first Celine bracelet Wink And while I was at it, I went ahead and ordered Celine La Tournee Mondiale Taking Chances: Le Spectacle Wink which is something I've been wanting to get for ages now and I finally got the chance to get it!!!!! Laughing out loud

I bought 2 last August when I went to see Celine... one for me & one for my friend since kindergarten...We went together to see Celine in Kansas City Jan 3 2009 she won't fly on a plane but she loves Celine too...they are only $3.00 and I love doing my small part for Celine's foundation...I love the bracelet & wear it whenever I go to Harrah's here in KC Caesar's entertainment owns the Harrah's here too...I will say the gold lettering went from gold to green but I still love it...I think a black bracelet with gold would be awesome the letters would stand out even better...I'll probably get another one in her gift shop next month when I go back to see Celine & might just go ahead & get the mug too!!
The bracelet's were near the cashier up front but I didn't see the mug or the pins...I thought I saw everything in there in three days...lol Smile

These look pretty!

Well, I just wanted to order this mug and some other stuff from the Boutique, but no matter what is in my cart, the shipping costs are always about the same amount as the total value of all my items in the shopping cart! And the more expensive my order is, the less options I have for the shipping method (i.e. I can choose only the most expensive shipping methods). I'm sorry, but this is crazy! I really can't (and don't want to) spend that much money (more than 100$!!) on shipping!
TeamCeline, isn't there anything that can be done about this? Why isn't it possible for exaple to choose International Standard as a shipping method when you order more expensive things? I don't think we should get punished for buying more, on the contrary! The more you buy, the lower should be the shipping costs...

WOW I love them Laughing out loud I already have 2 Celine Dion Foundation pins I got when I was in Vegas and now I'd really like to have these!!!!! Laughing out loud

This is a great idea, I think I'm going to buy these Smile