Celine On The Cover Of Daily Mail's ‘Weekend’ Magazine

2013/11/07 6:00PM Canada (English)

Celine will be on the cover of the UK's Daily Mail 'Weekend' magazine this Saturday. Make sure you get your copy to read what Celine says about her new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’!

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Céline, you look beautiful in the cover of this magazine!!!!!


y is Celine never on an American magazine anymore Sad
Would I be able up order this magazine somehow even though I live in the USA?????

"I don't want to only sing for my fans,
I want to look at them, and I want to talk to them, have fun with them
and that's what my carrier's all about"
~ Céline
I love you so much Céline <3

I'll definitely buy Daily Mail this weekend Smile