Celine On Billboard Songs Of The Summer Chart

2013/06/21 3:00AM Canada (English)

Based on Billboard Hot 100 charts from the last 28 years, Billboard.com compiled a Songs of the Summer Chart which lists the top 10 tunes that received the mostly airplay during summertime for each year from 1985-2012. Celine landed a spot on the 1996 list with her song “Because You Loved Me” from her “Falling Into You” album, released that same year. Do you have a favourite Celine track to rock out to during the summer?

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I agree with ILuvUCelineDion-5 and Marcello Dion:
- I drove all night
- Can't fight the feeling
- I'm alive
- That's the way it is
- Eyes on me
- Just Little Bit Of Love...

How abaut
- To love you more
- Super love
- Your light
- You and I were ment to fly
- Treat her like a lady
- J'irai où tu iras
- Destin
- Jours de fièvre
- Délivre-moi

and so many others !!!!!

Celine, René,
... I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Kiss all your tears away tonight / I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Make you believe again / I wanna look in your eyes now and see you smiling again ....
Hope you are felling better. Love you

I drove all night, Can't fight the feeling, I'm alive, that's the way it is, eyes on me and so many others Smile!!!!!
<3 I love u Celine <3

Just Little Bit Of Love...

J'aime Céline Dion TANT.....BEAUCOUP que PERSONNE ne peut IMAGINER ♥♥♥ *___* ♥♥♥

Of course hot songs from the new english album counted Laughing out loud

There are so many of them!!
That's The Way It Is
One Heart
I Drove All Night
I'm Alive


Wait there is something I need to add to what I said below ever since Celine became my idle my dream has been to meet her so I was hopping and praying that this would be my chance to meet her but It didn't happen but I met I met her husband /manager Rene Angelil he came walking out of the Colesseum and into the casino so we waited near where he walked out and when he walked back of coarse I was too nervous to say anything so my mom got his attention and introduced us and said that I'm a big fan of Celine's then she asked if he could tell Celine that Leah (that's my name) from Ohio (U.S.) (where I'm from) said hi and Rene said he would! best day of my life .
Btw while at the show there was a french guy from Paris named Alex who sat by me and I really liked him but I didn't get his phone # or his last name so Alex if ur reading this I really hope to see you again it was really nice talking to you my name was Leah in case u forgot we had talked about Celine's 2007 french album D'Elles and my favorite french song Les Petits Pieds de Lea so if your reading this Alex I would really like to talk to you again Smile

I rocked out with celine on the 19 of June which was 2 days ago at her Las Vegas show!!!!! The show was so amazing it was the best night of my life I loved the show very much we sat in section 3 row 8 we were so close to the aisl she walked down we were on the other end of the row but it still was amazing to see her so close!!!! The moment the curtains drew back at the beginning of the show and I saw her standing there i bursted into tears that was a moment ill never forget
I love you Celine so much Smile!!!!'

Agree with Brice! It may be a song from the new album Smile

My favourite Celine track to rock out to during the summer?

Hopefully the first single from the forthcoming english album !!! Laughing out loud