Celine in Antwerp and Paris – Pre-sale Tickets for Paris Are Sold-Out

2013/04/25 12:47PM Canada (English)

TeamCeline pre-sale tickets for Celine’s concerts in Paris on November 25, 26, 29, 30 and December 1, 2013 are now sold-out. Tickets are still available in certain sections for Celine’s concerts in Antwerp.
Due to an overwhelming demand on the Ticketnet website, some of you may have experienced technical difficulties. Don’t forget, you have another chance to purchase tickets when they go on sale to the general public tomorrow at 10am (CEST).

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do you know what they mean with "la balance" as a seating box of the map ? they say is included in the Front Row Package.

How can you know which box you are? on my eticket: Box: Row: 29 Seat: 3


Got my two places for Antwerp . Lucky me to be member of Team Celine <3 <3 <3
Now just waiting.


I am so lucky have TeamCeline tickets Antwerp, november 21, thank you

"city antw"

Got my tickets for Antwerp.So very excited !!!Hugs from Ghent Belgium xx

Oh yes, I have tried since this morning at 10 clock and unfortunately had no luck. Only tonight I could see tickets, but even then it was too late. Sad

I'll try tomorrow morning again with the hope then to get tickets otherwise I have to buy VIP tickets.

Celine, I think it's great that you come to Europe, and how great is the demand for your tickets. It is certainly staggering.

I love you forever .... you're the best ...

Me to Shock :O

I'm going there with my mum:D.
Can't tell you how excited I am and how blessed I feel to have this uppertunity!

also from tje Netherlands Tongue

already got my tickets at 10 am this morning even took the first school hour off Smile

So excited

from the netherlands